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Gravimotion Guided Tour

4th Step: The Live Present

  1. In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, motion overtakes the present space (preceding page), and we live the present in motion.
    That's no fiction! Our present motion blends with the expansion of the universe!
  2. You and I being in motion, the present moment that we are living is of finite time length (see "The reality of motion" paragraph 1.). In a nutshell the present is not instantaneous.
In order to illustrate this, we could choose and say for instance that the present lasts 1/2 a second.
In order to be absolutely accurate though, we should say that we are living a live present (the present moment) in motion, and that present constantly renews itself in motion, and furthermore that present would constantly last (for instance) 1/2 a second, should our concept of time exist.

The traditional way of thinking about the present

Let's say it's 9 o'clock while you are reading these very words; and now 1/2 second later while you read these you cannot imagine that it is still 9 o'clock... hence we are living successive instants in time.
Traditionally the future and the past are separated by an instantaneous present.

The present moment in gravimotion

In gravimotion we are living a present that lasts longer than an instantaneous instant.
By the way, because it has no time length an instantaneous instant doesn't exist!
All in all the present lasts a finite span because that's the only physical available solution!
Most interestingly while lasting in motion, the present renews itself indefinitely, and doesn't happen in successive time instants.

In that interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion, we are living the present in motion.
The present is not happening in successive time instants as in physics, the present in motion renews itself indefinitely instead. The present has duration in motion and not in time.
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Note that physics' mathematics remains exquisitely accurate.
Gravimotion's goal is not to deny physics' mathematics, gravimotion's interpretation of Nature offers a different mental image than the image we human associate to physics mathematics.