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Gravimotion Guided Tour

3rd Step: Motion replaces space in gravimotion

The 1rst paragraph below seems not to relate to space, yet it leads straight into a beautiful interpretation of space and light.
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The relationships Temperature / Sounds / Motion

Think of the ambient air; its temperature is consequential to the chaotic motion of its molecules.
The faster the molecules the hotter the air.
And sounds ride the motion of these molecules, modifying and making waves of that chaotic motion, just as water waves modify the motion of water molecules.

In gravimotion, the motion of the molecules is of the essence

The individual motions of the molecules being the cause of temperature, these motions have to occur in reality that is as a separate entity from the molecules, and can be represented independently of the molecules that is without representing the molecules.
I have been told specifically: "But there cannot be any motion without matter!" You might have guessed my answer; light that has no mass is moving... Light rays which are motion without mass are actually pure motion....
Besides in favor of such an independent representation of the motions of the molecules (not showing the molecules) is the fact that these very motions are themselves transferable from a bunch of molecules to another bunch under the form of heat (transfer of temperature).
In the end, because the motions animating the molecules can be interpreted as being made of a different and independent entity from the entity making the molecules themselves, these motions are represented as such, without the molecules, in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.

The fabric of space in gravimotion

In gravimotion space is made of individual motions similar to those of the ambient air molecules' motions.
Space is at the image of ambient air from which the material molecules would have been removed.

The chaotic motion that makes space (and time) in gravimotion is however much rougher, much more energetic, vigorous and faster, than the motion that makes temperature. From that point of view, the chaotic motion that makes space and time (in gravimotion) is similar to physics' quantum vacuum.

In addition, space's chaotic motion is flowing along the expansion of the universe.
In the ambient air analogy, the universe in expansion is similar to a draft that flows around. Evidently, ambient temperature and draft interact!
FYI, in gravimotion the accelerated motion of the universe does not coincide to an expansion; that accelerated motion is likened to gravitation. But that is irrelevant as far as this page interpretation of space is concerned.

Now a 2 seconds break!

Should this page make you wonder, should you ask yourself: But what is motion? click motion is physical (Step 2 of this tour)!
Otherwise that is if you know what motion is, everything's fine, just go on...

Light waves in gravimotion

To start with, light, which main characteristic is to be moving while having no mass, is pure motion under the form of wave in gravimotion.
Then in this new interpretation of space, light waves ride the chaotic motion making space just as sound waves ride the chaotic motion of the ambient air molecules.
In gravimotion, both light and sound are waves that ride their respective substratum made of chaotic motion.
And light waves (that we see with our eyes) and sound waves (that we hear with our ears) are not fictitious; they are as real as water waves (that dandle our bodies when we swim).

Physics rebuttal argument to above ... and gravimotion's counter argument

Because light has no mass light is implicitly motion even in physics; yet that is not part of physics' science official doctrine or policy!
In physics light is an electromagnetic wave, equivalent to a force that of the electromagnetic force, and is implemented through the photon.
And in accordance to the famous experiments of Michelson Morley of the 1890's, there is no aether (there is nothing in space), light waves and photons travel in pure vaccuum.
As such from science's official point of view, my argument that space is made of motion is invalid!

But theMichelson Morley experiments and mathematics only show that the speed of light is independent of both motions of its source and its receiver or observer; the experiments prove that the speed of light is absolute.
The argument is that, because light has an absolute speed, space has to be empty! There is no aether.

There are 2 counter arguments to that interpretation.
  1. A few decades later, in physics very same science, space has been found to be full of energy in quantum theory... that contradiction, in my opinion, is one of the best counter argument!
  2. My own counter argument is much simpler. The speed of sound is as absolute as the speed of light, yet sound rides a background (the air); it shows that absolute speed does not mandate no background.
    The proof that sound speed is absolute is that a supersonic plane catches up the sound it emits, showing that sound is independent of its source (the plane in this case) and independent of its receiver (also the plane).
    The absolute speed of sound justifies my analogy space/light temperature/sound.

Most importantly, treating both space and light as pure motion, highlights gravimotion's elegant unified interpretation of Nature!
Note that that interpretation does not make me proud ... the beauty of Nature is a fact of Nature not of any human ... I simply hope to make you enjoy as I do the beauty of Nature ...

In gravimotion space (chaotic motion) is illustrated with a very simple graph: chaotic motion.
And here is a surprising consequence: the present moment, next page occurs as motion!
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