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Gravimotion Guided Tour

2nd Step: The reality of motion

Departing from science, in which motion is but an elusive byproduct of force, and which is given no physical consistency whatsoever (preceding page), we claim here that motion happens in reality and as such motion is real. Motion is physical.

To start with, motion, in gravimotion's interpretation of nature, is the antithesis of physics interpretation of it!

  1. Zeno's arrow (previous page item A.) reaches target in reality, yet our human theoretical concept of position prevents it to get there.
    As such the concept of position must be abolished, and the reality of motion must be re-established in our minds. In gravimotion the very concept of position is dropped from start.
  2. Next we state that uniform motion is real, and we distinguish it from the state of rest.
    And that goes beyond a mere distinction. In gravimotion the state of rest vanishes into thin air along the abolition of the concept of position on which it rests!
    Uniform motion only remains physical.
  3. Speaking of the roofer speeding toward an unpleasant crash, its motion has to be real...
  4. And about relativity, whether we ride a train or a car the evidence is that it is not Earth that travels under the wheels, but the vehicle in which we are that is moving on Earth!

Motion's physical characteristics, using conventional concepts.

In this section we try to describe motion using the traditional concepts of time, space and mass, even though these are discredited in gravimotion.
  1. Motion occurs and lasts along time (should time exist), as in no time duration there would be no motion.
    The point is that motion is not instantaneous; motion lasts; and motion lasts in motion not in time.
    In gravimotion, motion would breed our concept of time duration should the latter exist.
  2. Then motion occurs over distances in space (should space exist) as there is no motion staying put in one position.
    The point is that motion occurs over a moving volume that spans in motion and not in space.
    In gravimotion, motion would breed our concept of space volume should the latter exist.
  3. All in all any motion occurs as integral part of that fundamental motion, which is the expansion of the universe. Space and time desapeared.
  4. In gravimotion, when motion is moving matter, motion is occurring as an entity separate from the matter it is moving!
  5. Motion, in gravimotion has an inclination; yet that inclination is not defined as the direction of motion is in physics; inclination is inner to motion. And that inclination parallels our concept of time; motion in gravimotion is irreversible just as the arrow of time is in physics. Even in physics the arrow of time is coincidental to any direction of motion in space; no one ever went back in time while moving back in space.
  6. Motion is dynamic because 2 bodies of different mass may move at the same rate.
  7. Yet motion is also dynamic because an object of a given weight can be moving at various speeds.

Now here is gravimotion's unconventional yet pragmatic interpretation of motion

The most drastic physical manifestation of motion is light.
Light waves are moving and have no mass, light is pure motion!
Light waves are also called light rays because light is emitted from a source and propagates in straight lines in all directions. In any case light waves or rays that we can sense with our eyes as colors and with our skin as heat, materialize motion at its best!

As far as motion of matter is concerned, matter is made of subatomic particles, which are electrons, protons and neutrons.
In gravimotion and in contradiction with physics' stand:
  1. The volumes of these particles, when in motion, stretch dynamically. And all particles are always in motion if any through the expansion of the universe.
  2. Most importantly that stretch renews itself in motion, and does not occur in successive time instants; these time instants have long lost all raison d'Ítre in gravimotion.
  3. Motion takes over both space and time, and the latter are both abolished. As such motion does no longer take place in space, motion takes place in the motion that replaces both space and time. In short, motion is part of motion! Motion only is physical.
  4. Most interestingly, matter is not only in motion (in that motion that replaces space, paragraph c. just above) but is also made of motion (paragraph a.)!
  5. Another as flabbergasting than unexpected consequence is that motion merges cause and effect!
    Unexpected because merging cause and effect is an idea frankly incompatible with physics' philosophy, even though merging cause and effect is a necessary condition to a unified theory!
    Flabbergasting as judging from people who read about it, usually turning their head in derision!

    Cause and effect make one in gravimotion because both are of same nature; both cause and effect are motion activity.
    As already mentioned light is pure motion. Yet motion, under the form of light translating itself, is the cause and the effect of itself!
  6. Finally, gravitation under the form of free fall is motion, hence the word gravimotion.

Our concepts of time, space and matter are incompatible with the reality of motion

I wouldn't be offended were you to tell me this concept of motion of matter (paragraphs a. and d. above) is meaningless; because that's right!
Our human concepts of time, space and inert mass, do not allow matter to "stretch" in space and in time.
So, one who acknowledges (mentally) that motion is physical (in reality), must then also not only accept the evidence, which is that our human concepts of time, space and mass have no physical collateral in reality, but also recognize that these concepts are incompatible with the reality of motion!
On the other hand such endeavor is facilitated considering the reality of light!

Clearly motion is as real as it is mundane.
And because the reality of motion is incompatible with our concepts of space and time, the interpretation of space and the present time are profoundly affected in gravimotion (next pages).

Disregarded in science, motion becomes the very fabric of the universe in gravimotion.
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