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Gravimotion Guided Tour

5th and last Step: There are 2 ways to interpret Nature and as a consequence physics mathematics

The traditional interpretation

For laypersons and physicists alike space and time make the universe.
Then matter (for instance our sun) comes "subsequently" within space.
And that applies to motion too, motion occurs "in" space.
In other words both matter and motion need space to occur.
Yet the converse is not true! Space and time neither need matter nor motion to exist.

Traditionally space and time occupy the highest ranks in Nature's hierarchy, should there be one.

Gravimotion's interpretation of nature

Motion instead makes the universe, in this innovative interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion. Space and time are even abolished.
Matter such as our sun, is not in space or in space-time as in physics, but is in (that) motion instead.
Then any local motion is a specific and local format of that motion that makes the universe.

Physics rests on space, time, mass and 4 forces....
Gravimotion interpretation of Nature rests on motion only. next page
That's all there is to gravimotion! Yet physics mathematics apply 100%.

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