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Gravimotion Guided Tour

5th Bonus: Matter is Motion ... in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature

In this interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion, inertia is replaced by a dynamic entity (see preceding page), and that implies that inertial mass (in the sense of inert mass) has no physical collateral in reality .
As a consequence in gravimotion the concept of mass, in the sense of inert mass doesn't exist either in Nature.

Hence subatomic particles in gravimotion have no mass; subatomic particles are made of a combination of gravitational and electrical fields, which are motion activities in gravimotion.
For more details click Origin and constitution of subatomic particles.
From outside, neutral particles matter such as the neutron are constituted of 2 opposite electric charges that cancel electrically each other. Yet this assembly is not balanced from the point of view of gravity and still give rise to a gravitational field, or to a specific motion activity.

Last but not least, in this interpretation of Nature the electric charge itself is made of motion!
That claim made in gravimotion is not derived from physical evidence, and remains to be verified experimentally.
That claim (an electric charge is made of highly compacted motion) is mandatory to make of gravimotion a unified interpretation of Nature, a feast not reached in physics yet.

Because matter is made of motion, matter in the first place is in motion!
Merging the idea that matter is motion with Step 2 (2nd Step of this tour, items 1 and 2) definition of motion, matter (in motion) is also its very own motion!
You and I are above all (in) motion!
You and I blend well in the universe ...
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