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Gravimotion Guided Tour

4th Bonus: Inertia is not inert in gravimotion, but motion

In this interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion, because the present lasts in motion (Step 4 of This Guided Tour), nothing is inert.
In gravimotion inertia is redesigned, inertia becomes dynamic, inertia becomes uniform motion in person.

Newton's 1rst law, known as the inertia law, is as follows:

Any object at rest or in uniform motion remains at rest or in uniform motion as long as no force is applied.
Yet because the present is motion (in gravimotion), nothing can be at rest, and rest is delusion.
The inertia law becomes the uniform motion law...

Newton's 1rst law becomes motion law as follows:

Any object in uniform motion remains in uniform motion unless motion is subtracted from it or added to it.
Both words rest and force disappeared.
The inertia law becomes the uniform motion law in gravimotion.
With this new interpretation that is gravimotion uniform motion departs from rest in 2 ways:
  1. Rest has its own geometrical illustration (gravitation), which is totally different than that of uniform motion illustration (gravimotion).
  2. Yet and most importantly rest doesn't exist in realityNote.

In gravimotion uniform motion is graphically illustrated, and the illustration involves neither distances nor time, which are used in the mathematical equation of speed: v (speed) = d (distance in miles or km) / t (second or hour).

Instead of having one inertia fits all masses and speeds as is the case in science physics, each uniform motion in gravimotion is geometrically illustrated with a specific inclination and a specific dynamism, which as already mentioned, are incompatible with the conventional definition of speed. next page

Note: And this by the way shows that we human beings can imagine events or states (in this case "rest") and illustrate them, even though they have no colateral in reality!

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