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Gravimotion Guided Tour

6th Bonus: The finite is also infinite ...

Because motion lasts in time and space (Step 2 of this Guided Tour; items 1 and 2), one cannot define a position within motion.
Motion having no position Footnote 1 , one can define neither a beginning nor an end to any given motion.
But that, which has neither a beginning nor an end is infinite per definition.
  1. On one hand because the present is finite and is furthermore made of motion (Step 4 of this Guided Tour) motion is a finite entity.
  2. On the other hand because motion has neither a beginning nor an end, motion is also infinite.
  3. All in all the finite and the infinite are merged in that reality that is the present moment (motion)!
The real occurrence of motion transcends the very idea our minds make of reality!
The finite and the infinite make one in the reality of motion.

Motion, the building block of the real and the present (the universe), is infinite.
Yet combinations, small or big of that building block such as the atom, the human body, and our galaxy (Bonus 5 of this tour: Matter is motion) are nevertheless transient.
In any case big bang could not have happened
Footnote 2!
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Footnote 1:
  • As already mentioned (step 1 item 1 of this tour):
    The positions considered in physics have nothing to do with the motion that occurs in between.
  • Note that while revered in relativity, positions become forbidden in quantum theory!
    In quantum theory the uncertainty principle forbids the concept of position for any object in motion, and everything is in motion along the expansion of the universe.
  • Gravimotion's interpretation is very likely the closest image there is to reality!
    In gravimotion the concept of position is abolished at all scales.
Footnote 2: Big bang allegedly occurred at a precise time in the past.
But neither a precise time (nor a position) exists in this interpretation of reality that is gravimotion (neither exist in motion)!
Without time instants, there is no beginning of time and big bang could possibly not create time!
Note that physicists themselves question big bang, see "Scientific American" April 2011 article:
Quantum Gaps in Big Bang Theory. Why our best explanation of how the universe evolved must be fixed-or replaced.

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