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Gravimotion Guided Tour

3rd Bonus: Gravitation is motion

Take an object and let it fall...
The phenomenon of gravitation is none else than motion...
Believe it or not, it is extremely difficult first to make abstraction of the abstract! And it is as difficult to then acknowledge simple reality!
The difficulty is to make abstraction of Newton's "force of gravity" (that we do not see) or to make abstraction of Einstein' space-time curvature (that we do not see either) and then to humbly recognize that the force of gravity is nothing else than motion that we see!

The word gravimotion unifies the 2 words gravitation and motion.
Gravitation is a specific and local format of the chaotic motion that makes space (Step 3 of this Guided Tour); and that gravitation format would coincide to the object at rest should rest exist.
Gravimotion is a modified format of gravitation; the modification occurs when 2 or more gravitation space-motion formats overlap.

Gravimotion (let say the motion of a planet) is gravitation (planet at rest) changed into motion; gravimotion is the very motion of the object concerned.
There is only motion in the universe, static gravitation (rest) never occurs.

There is nothing to understand, look at an object in free fall, and admit that the force of gravity is nothing else than motion!

Should you embrace gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, you are for a surprise: motion is the cause of gravitation and motion is the effect of gravitation!
Motion unifies cause and effect Note in gravimotion.
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Note: Think of it! Unifying cause and effect is a necessary condition for achieving a mental unified image interpretation of Nature.
Amazingly nobody ever mentioned that condition so far. And those to whom I mentioned it, were first surprised, which is an understandable reaction, but then turned their head in derision, as if the idea was insane.
Believe it or not, I inadvertently unveiled that simple evidence while writing this very internet page, even though the concept of gravimotion (which unifies cause and effect) came to my mind just about 10 years earlier!

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