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Gravimotion Guided Tour

2nd Bonus: Light is pure motion

Light in science

The wave/particle duality of light is now a well established fact in physics.
The wave: waves interferences justify the wave constitution of light (and of all electromagnetic waves).
The photon: yet light is also a force (electromagnetic force) in physics, and that force is implemented through the photon, a material particle.
Photons collide with the electrons of photoelectric material, and dislodge them physically through physical collisions.

In physics it is the consensus that light (the photon) has no mass.

In gravimotion we keep in mind only 2 things:

  1. Light (and all electromagnetic waves) is moving out of a source and beyond the source, light is in motion.
  2. Light (and all electromagnetic waves) has no mass.
In this interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion light, which is moving, and which has no mass is pure motion!

Light is pure motion.
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