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What if the Higgs Boson particle,
subject of CERN's ATLAS experiment, doesn't show up?

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Gravimotion is a logical (not philosophical) alternative to theoretical physics.

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Mass is still a mystery in physics

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ATLAS experiment under construction. 
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In 1994 the CERN Council (Centre Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) approved the construction of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Hadrons are subatomic matter particles.
In 1996 CERN approved the ATLAS experiment, which is aimed at proving the existence of the Higgs boson particle.
The Higgs particle plays the role of mass in the science of physics or of mass as part of matter.
CERN's LHC is the only accelerator powerful enough in the world to detect the Higgs boson.

In 2008, after long years of planning, preparation, precise and tenacious work CERN's LHC has been turned on.
Unfortunately a few ups and downs that necessitated repairs occurred before the LHC became fruitful.
Nevertheless, since early 2010 the LHC at CERN has been running and producing results!
On July 4 2012 scientists at CERN made a declaration, stating they discovered a new particle, which is very likely the Higgs boson.

Mass does not exist in the Gravimotion world

Should you have landed directly on this page, this web site is about gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, an alternate to the interpretation of physics theories and Higgs boson.
In the gravimotion world both mass and Higgs boson (or field) do not exist.

In gravimotion the concepts of mass and the Higgs boson along with it
are considered to be useless
In science there are entities that are nonphysical entities! Inertia and entropy are 2 of them.

In physics there even is mathematics proving the nonexistence of space even though space, which has volume, has to be made of something! The mathematics associated to the Michelson Morley experiment of the 1890’s, is proving "beyond any doubt" that space is empty, or that the reality of space is nonexistent! Yet newer mathematics associated to newer experiments are proving also "beyond any doubt" that space now called quantum vacuum is anything but empty and is instead full of frantic energy. Amazingly and to this day physicists nevertheless hold firm onto these 2, physically incompatible, mathematical models of space.
For lack of existence of the former, the quantum vacuum necessarily wins in the real world; mathematics associated to the Michelson Morley experiment though, and also mathematics associated to the photon translation and the photon itself may be correct mathematically but are certainly not a true model of reality!

Keeping that in mind, and in view of our human pretense that mass exists, while that experiment about the Higgs boson announced the 4th of July 2012 is no doubt valid, I feel no guilt doubting about its mathematical interpretation as being the proof that mass exists.
In gravimotion our concept of mass is considered to be as fictitious as inertia with which it makes one by the way, and as fictitious as the emptiness of space!
in Nature.
Note that when the Higgs discovery is mentioned it is always caustiously followed by words of doubt inferring that: "More work will be needed to be certain ..." and " we still have to prove the particle discovered behaves as the Higgs ..."

What if the Higgs Boson did not exist?

As of now, the Higgs boson particle is of extreme importance in theoretical physics.
It has to be discovered no matter what!
Should the Higgs boson be dismissed, as suggested in gravimotion:
  1. In view of the fact that mass would not exist in reality, physics' mechanic equations written by Newton (force = mass acceleration) and Einstein ( E = m C2 ) would have to be thought again!
    While our concept of mass would turn out to be fiction, these equations would still be valuable for real applications, but would be useless as far as telling us about the nature of Nature.
  2. The part of quantum theory that deals with the atomic number, coincidental to the atom's protons and their mass would have to be re-evaluated too with respect to reality!
  3. Physics whole concept of inertia would have to be re hauled too.
  4. Should the Higgs boson be dismissed, entire sections of theoretical physics edifice would break apart and sink, just as the polar glaciers tumble and sink into the polar sea!
And that cannot happen!
Physicists will continue their research and pursue their theories the way they conceive it in advance!
As an example nobody proved that time and space exist and they are of prime importance in physics!
So if mass doesn't exist, who cares? No matter what, physics experiments will remain as valid as physics mathematics!
Fortunately now, that also works both ways! Gravimotion is in good health without time and space, which are both honored in physics; gravimotion after all will also do fine even if mass remains honored in physics.
The point is that while physics theories describe reality with extreme accuracy, physics theories though do not explain anything.

Gravimotion and physics versus reality

Physics is an interpretation or description of Nature made of mathematics.
Physics' goal doesn't seem to be well defined... Is it physics' goal to explain Nature through mathematics? Or is it physics goal to unify our mental concepts of time space force and mass through mathematics? Or both? Or more?
A definite advantage of physics is applied Physics or physics' applications; that beats and by far gravimotion's lack of applications!

Gravimotion, on the other hand, is an interpretation or description of Nature solely based on motion.
Gravimotion's is an interpretation of Nature that is unified.

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