A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

What is the fabric of gravitation called space-time in science?

Experiments show over and over that Einstein's mathematics is true.
Yet we have no idea of what is the physical fabric of space-time, let alone its curvature.
This page reveals a physical entity, which is performing the task.

Neither physicist nor writer, the author of this essay follows his intuition and uses his imagination. For French translation, click: Click flag for French Version
Space-time curvature

To start with, here is the traditional analogy for gravitation, or space time curvature.

The sun stretches its surrounding space-time just as a child stretches the fabric of a trampoline.
The earth is then guided by the sun's space-time curvature as a marble would be by the trampoline's curvature.
Even though colorful, the physical reality of the analogy doesn't fit the reality of the solar system.
Both child and marble make physical contact with the trampoline's curved material fabric.
By contrast sun and earth are in contact with nothing material. How could there be any interaction between non-material space-time (having no material body) and material mass?

In the analogy is a clue that I use as a guide.

The child, the marble and the trampoline are all of same nature; all are physical all made of matter or material mass.
In the solar system though, while the sun and earth are material, space-time is instead immaterial.
My imagination worked, as your own imagination may have, in a way that has never been expressed in treatises of science though: in order to interfere the elements at play cannot be of disparate constitution.

Or, in order to interfere among them, the elements at play in the solar system should be of same nature, just as the elements at play in the trampoline case are of same nature.

Now here is the physical fabric behind the word gravity and behind its mathematics.

While honoring mathematical theories the following is nevertheless a drastic departure from conventional thinking.
And to support such unconventional thinking is this Albert Einstein's saying:
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
  1. The starting point is that earth's motion is an entity as real as earth's matter. While motion is not material as earth's matter, motion is physical and occurs just as matter exists.
    Dear reader, before reading farther, please acknowledge that motion is a physical entity.
    You might think: "But I know that"! Then good for you, just continue...
    Yet in case you're not convinced, read: motion is physical all right.
    Here is physical proof that motion exists as an independent entity and may occur independently of matter:

    Once I have been told: "But motion cannot occur without matter."
    My answer is straight forward: consider the light that comes out of the sun and ends up hitting your retina. Physicists teach us that light has no mass. Light which moves itself across space and which has no mass is pure motion; an obvious fact that somehow no physicist ever mentioned.
    Your eyes, which sense the colors of light are marvelous motion detectors! By the way your skin, which feels the heat of the sun rays, is another pure motion detector.
    One's brain (and mind) needs physics mathematics along with this page pragmatism to realize that light, temperature and gravity are all implemented through various formats of motion, and furthermore that light, temperature and gravity are all sensed by one's body as occurrences of motion.
  2. The innovation consists in claiming that earth's very own motion, besides being a physical entity, is integral part of earth's physical entity; earth's physical entity being defined as including both its mass and its gravity; as a practical case consider your own walking, when occurring your walking motion is integral part of your own physical body or occurring from within your own body; similarly I claim that earth's motion occurs from within earth's own body and own gravitation.
  3. The next step, which is as innovative, is to state that the sun's gravitation does not act as a force on earth's mass as chosen in physics; the sun's gravitation interacts directly, with no intermediary whatsoever, with earth's own gravitation; the sun's gravitation turns earth's gravitation into gravimotion, which becomes earth's very own motion; that eliminates our human concept of force necessary to science of physics; note that Einstein's space-time and more specifically its curvature is already weakening that concept of force.
  4. Now because the sun's gravitation, in the first place, alters earth's motion, the clue provided in the analogy mandates that both sun's gravitation and earth's motion are of same nature; as such the sun's gravitation is made of motion.
    And that fits nicely observation at our human scale; earth's gravitation is also made of motion, as the free fall of any object on earth testifies! Take your pen, lift it above the table, release it, it gets into motion.
    Physics concept of gravitation, turned into gravimotion fits both aspects of earth's motion around the sun and motion of falling objects.
    In gravimotion's way of thinking the fabric of gravitation is motion, hence the word gravimotion. Note that is partially true in physics science too, as in physics the force of gravity is mathematically equivalent to an acceleration, which is motion. I use the word "partially" because in science gravity is above all a static field.
    And to get at the heart of the subject even though curved space-time is providing acceleration it is not interpreted as containing motion as claimed in gravimotion way of thinking.

    In this new interpretation, yet using conventional language, the sun's gravitation interacts with earth's own gravitation, and not with earth's mass.
    In gravimotion terms, both sun's and earth's gravitations' equivalent motions do interact and doing so are turned into gravimotion, which is none else than their very own motion or part of it.
  5. Next, for such interaction to occur, 2 distinct yet overlapping motions (in this case Earth's and Sun's gravitations) must interact; and that happens to be a pre-existing fact.
    Here are 3 examples of motion interacting on motion
    • Einstein famous "time dilation concept" is used as first witness.
      Time dilation, and that has been verified experimentally, coincides to the slowing down of a clock when that clock overall motion is increased (in a plane for instance).
      In that experiment physicists claim that time is slowed down. Yet that is misinterpreting reality.
      Any pragmatic mind sees instead that the clocks' internal motion mechanism is slowed down by the clock's overall motion.
    • Another example of motion interacting on motion is the Coriolis effect.
      In this case earth's spin motion interacts with the motion of storms moving from equator to pole, through difference of pressure.
      The spin of earth creates a swirling effect that transforms the storms in cyclones.
    • A third case of motion interacting on motion is Einstien's demonstration that gravity (motion in gravimotion) deflects light rays (pure motion in gravimotion).
  6. For the sake of precision a detailed analysis of earth's various motions within the solar system is of the essence.
    • First there is the rotational motion of earth on itself, which we human interpret as days and nights; this spinning motion has been initiated in a distant past and is now generated on a constant basis day after day from within earth's body and/or gravitation, and which constitute a specific part of what I call gravimotion.
    • Then there is the linear motion of earth, which has also been initiated in the past and which is also generated on a constant basis from within earth's material body and/or gravitation, which constitute another part of gravimotion.
    • Finally there is the action of the sun on that linear motion, which action is described in sections 2 and 3 above, and which keeps earth captive on its trajectory around the sun.
    • Earth's gravimotion is a combination of these 3 motions, the sun's action on the spinning of earth, while not null, being nevertheless negligible.
  7. Three last comments:
    • Both earth's motion and your own walking motion emanate from their respective internal bodies; yet earth's motion part, which is energized by the sun's gravitation, and your own walking energized through foods, are both energized through external causes; the only difference that distinguishes these 2 motions is that the sun's action on earth's motion is direct and instantaneous through overlap, while your own walking is energized through a delay involving a complex transformation, by your own metabolism, of the foods you absorbed.
    • In any material body the individual gravitations of all the subatomic particles get compounded to format that body's gravitation as a whole; as such the gravitation of a material body, besides surrounding the body, necessarily permeates the very core of that body; because gravimotion (the very motion of material bodies) is a specific and dynamic format of gravitation, gravimotion is integral part of these bodies, justifying the claim in 2 above that motion is integral part of physical bodies.
    • Should you go further in that path that is gravimotion thinking, you will find out that the very core of any subatomic particle is occurring as motion; now justifying entirely the claim in 2 above that motion is not only integral part of gravitation but also integral part of matter.

All in all, gravitation is physically made of motion; the physical constitution of space-time is motion.
The simplicity of this claim is no doubt the reason for which it has, up to this day, been overlooked by all.
Note that, as mentioned above, gravitation is equivalent to acceleration in science; because acceleration is motion added to motion in gravimotion, the claim that gravitation is motion is in compliance with science's theory.
The sun's mighty motion (its gravitation renamed gravimotion) provides some of its very motion to earth's own motion (to earth's gravimotion).
Granted, it's not easy to give up the concept of force; and do not be fooled, it is still anchored in my own mind.
Once more though Einstein helped me a lot, first in convincing myself about my own ideas and then in writing about gravimotion, he said: "It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom."

Gravimotion and physics...

The idea behind gravimotion is not to challenge physics' mathematical theories.
On the other hand gravimotion's interpretation of Nature challenges the conventional interpretations made of physics mathematics.
In order to emphasize the distinction, consider that gravimotion is a non conventional interpretation of Nature, nevertheless based on physic's mathematics.
The ultimate goal is to make sense of physics mathematics.

At the core of gravimotion is a new definition of motion.

Because the fabric of gravity is motion, and because that gravitational motion that is surrounding Earth accelerates objects in free fall, motion (gravity surrounding Earth) accelerates motion (object in free fall).
In science forces instead create acceleration; as such viewed from science's point of view, gravimotion's concept of motion merges both concepts of speed and force.
And from our human point of view, we now live in motion rather than in space and time.

Furthermore, in science motion is relative; yet, when one reads attentively Einstein's writings, one finds instead that it is the observation of motion that is relative.
Motion, per se, cannot be defined as being relative; and motion is not referred to reference systems in gravimotion, as it is for science's relative speed.
Motion in gravimotion is expressed in terms-of (in fractions-of) motion of light.
Unlike the alleged relativity of motion (actually motion observation), the reality of motion is independent of any reference system that we human need to associate to any observation in order to make science.
In short relativity concerns physically the observation of motion and does not apply to (is not a characteristic of) motion per se.
And because the observation of motion is as real as the reality of motion the relativity theory holds true.

In gravimotion we make abstraction of the abstract in favor of the physical.

Somehow one's mind to start with is reluctant to the idea that motion is what makes the earth circle the sun...
One's mind is also reluctant to consider that motion is what makes objects fall!
That can't be! That's too simple! There is no force in motion! It goes against physics fundamental tenets etc...
Yet I ask the question: why does one's mind consider not motion that one's eyes see?

Why does one's mind imagines this complex chain of events: the sun's (inert) mass creates (mysteriously) a (dynamic) force (or space-time curvature), and that force (or space time curvature), which is applied (in a mysterious way) to earth's mass moves earth's mass?
When one can simply think that some type of motion surrounds the sun that controls the very motion of earth.
A great difficulty for newcomers to gravimotion is to integrate our human concept of force into this new definition of motion; a fact yet embodied in Newton's first law: an object in uniform motion represents a force when hitting an obstacle at rest.
A great advantage of this new gravimotion interpretation is that it unifies under one single reality of motion all those mental concepts of ours that are: acceleration, force, gravity, space-time and space and time.
This author favors to base its own description of gravitation on the tangible entity of motion rather than on hypothetical space, time and alleged curvature and force.
First gravimotion is bringing back into the physical world the explanation of gravitation, then and at same time gravimotion overwhelmingly simplifies that explanation.

This page is like the tip of an iceberg; in gravimotion far many more human traditional concepts are, as just done for gravitation, turned downside-up into motion...

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