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Wave Particle Duality

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The wave particle photon duality is a mathematical tool extremely useful in physics' science.
Yet, as explained below, the photon has no reason to exist alongside the wave in the physical world or reality.
Actually the wave interpretation of the phenomenon is by far more elegant than the alleged wave particle duality!
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Wave particle Duality Historical Background

Wave Particle Duality Experimental Facts

Following is Gravimotion's wave interpretation of Light rays

In the following be ready to embrace a new idea...
For a moment please, you will have to imagine that space and time are no longer space and time!

Space is made of Motion in Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature

  1. Because a falling object is in an accelerated motion, the gravitation phenomenon is identified to accelerated motion in Gravimotionís interpretation of nature.
    And because that free fall accelerated motion takes effect through space there is motion in our human concept of space! Space has to be made of motion, simply to provide the extra motion (acceleration) to an object in free fall. This writer asserts that local space is made of motion.
  2. Actually the universe is primarily made of Brownian (or chaotic) motion (similar to the motion that animates the molecules of air when hot).
    And, in gravimotion's interpretation of nature, the above gravitation is but a specific format or specific occurence of the Brownian motion making space.
Now in the following, please continue to imagine that space is made of motion (labeled pure-motion) even though that is not traditional!
And that that Brownian motion is absolutely pure; or that it occurs by itself independently of any particles. Space's pure-motion is free of any particles.

Gravimotionís interpretation of light waves.

Translating themselves and having no mass, light waves are per definition pure motion too!
It then makes sense to "have" these waves pure motion ride space's own pure-motion that makes the universe.
And here is gravimotion's interpretation: light waves format space's pure-motion just as sound waves format the motion of the air molecules that surround us.

Unfortunately Michelson-Morley famous experiments of the late 1800's forbid such interpretation.
According to these experiments, and no physicists refute them, light waves in physics travel in an absolute vacuum.
Since then though physics' quantum vacuum full of frantic energy appeared, an interpretation now refuting physics' very own former interpretation.
Yet, both Michelson-Morley absolute vacuum and it's contradictory quantum vacuum somehow remain in force in science!
No scientist refute either.
Between you and I, I gave up trying to understand physics interpretations of Nature.

And light waves ride my own interpretation of physics quantum vacuum, which is pure-motion as introduced above.

Wave particle duality is not needed in Gravimotion.

In the gravimotion interpretation of Nature, the frequency (of the wave) is space or pure-motion formatted into cyclic, transversal and rotational variations.

Both electromagnetic waves and electrons surrounding fields are specific instances or dynamic formats of space's pure-motion in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.
When an electromagnetic wave and an electron surrounding field overlap or get mixed they do interactFootnote.
Provided the wave frequency is high enough the following occurs:
The oscillating motion electrically induced by the electromagnetic wave onto the electrically charged electron, overcomes the surface barrier of the photoelectric material.
The electron escapes free out of the material.
Again gravimotion's innovation is that a field is made of motion. A field is no longer merely a "field", merely a name without any physical consistency; whether gravitational, electrical or magnetic, a field in physics is characterized through a mathematical equation. Each field in gravimotion, while correlating physics' mathematics, is a specific occurence or dynamic format of pure-activity (physics' equivalent of space-time).

Who needs the wave particle duality? Certainly not Nature!
In the Gravimotion world the particle photon wave duality is irrelevant.
Actually physics' photon electrical neutrality is seen as a disgrace.
In view of gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, physics' particle wave duality is but a mathematical tool, that has no physical collateral as the photon has no mass and no electromagnetic properties whatsoever!
While the photon is a mathematical tool of primordial importance in our human description of Nature, one must remain pragmatic and distinguish ideas that are abstract mathematical tools from ideas that coincide to reality.

The wave particle duality disadvantage...

In the end both gravimotion's interpretation and physics particle-wave-duality deal with the extractions of particle electrons.
Yet Gravimotion does it in an integrated much more elegant way!

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- Surprisingly, physics' wave particle duality interpretation of the phenomenon doesn't involve electromagnetism!
- In physics the particle "photon" is neutral electrically!
      As such the photon is denied any action on the electrical field surrounding the electron!
- The photon particle is made of frequency that is energy neutral electrically (in physics), which is then able to dislodge through brute collision the neutral mass-energy (allegedly) found in the electron particle!

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