A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

Gravimotion is an Alternate to Theoretical Physics.

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Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!
Yet in order to think "gravimotion" you must first perform a Mental U-turn...

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A U-turn on the road makes you turn around.

Once you performed a U-turn with your car you are traveling in the opposite direction you were originally traveling.

A physical U-turn while driving your car, consists of 3 differing moving directions.

  1. First you turn into the U-turn, while doing so you are still traveling in the original direction. A real U-turn on the road
  2. Then at the bottom of the U-turn, you are traveling perpendicularly to both your original and final directions.
  3. Finally you are exiting the U-turn, getting into a straight line in the opposite direction your original.

This paragraph might coincide to what you think! If so, good for you, no mental U-turn is required.
Should you be knowledgeable in physics though, be prepared this is physics' other side of the coin!

  1. The idea behind gravimotion rests on the simple fact that an object in free fall is in motion.
    In this new interpretation of Nature the occurrence of motion is what makes the object fall.
    • Motion is a physical entity to be recognized as such and to be distinguished from the object it is moving.
    • In addition motion is self sufficient to occur on its own, just as force is in physics.
    By contrast physical motion is not even considered in the science of physics.
    • In Newton's first law, motion is equivalent to rest and that is no motion in terms of motion proper.
    • Then in relativity theory, motion looses any physical characteristic it might have; the very nature of motion is deliberately ignored.
    • In spite of its physical evidence motion is systematically sidestepped; motion is but an elusive byproduct of force in physics.
    This new interpretation of Nature contradicts physics' stance in 2 ways, which coincides to the first step of the mental U-turn:
    • Ignored in physics, the reality of motion is now reinstated as a physical entity integral part of Nature.
    • Here physics' force is abolished motion takes over.
      Whenever a force is applied in physics world, motion instead is added or subtracted in this new interpretation.
      Motion becomes altogether both cause and effect; motion now replaces both physics cause, which is force, and effect, which is motion.
  2. The next step in this mental U-turn is to declare that that motion is coming right out of space.
    The science of physics is much less pragmatic, either Newton's force or Einstein space-time curvature, triggers motion, and then that motion is altogether ignored!
    In this new interpretation, first motion is right there hidden in space and then motion is acting just as we see it in free fall for instance; motion, rather than force, is Nature's fundamental actor.
  3. The last step consists in declaring that space is actually made of motion.
    Amazingly, this final consideration merges all 5 concepts of Newton's inertia law, Einstein's space-time curvature, quantum vacuum, space and time into that one concept of motion!
    Once your inner self decided space is made of motion and that the motion we do experience comes from space:
    • Motion rather than inertia keeps on moving objects in "Newton's Inertia law", and far away from any star or galaxy space is made of un-impeded motion that is motion nevertheless.
    • Motion gradient replaces Einstein "space-time curvature", and acceleration is simply motion added to motion.
    • Very small chaotic yet frantic motions make quantum mechanic's "quantum vacuum", and when experienced at our human scale fit any of the above two.
    • Last but not least, both our human concepts of space and time, are unified to end up altogether abolished along the inception of that physical entity that is motion!

Considering the reality of motion has dire consequences!

There is a reason for which motion is ignored in physics. Motion is ignored because it is incompatible with our concepts of inert mass, space and time.
As such 2 differing interpretations of nature can be thought of:
  1. Either we claim our concepts of force, space and time (to allow for acceleration) reflect reality and we're "forced" to dismiss the occurrence of motion as done in physics.
  2. Or as chosen in gravimotion, we embrace the reality of motion and we have to "move" mentally and have to dismiss the concepts of force, space and time.
In order to enter the gravimotion world you have to negotiate a mental U-turn: You have to be "moving" from a thinking direction to the opposite thinking direction.
Instead of thinking that motion is the effect of force and occurs within space and time, think that motion replaces force, space and time and that motion occurs out-of and within motion.

Why would one use motion as being the building block of Nature?

Motion on which is based gravimotion's description of Nature, happens to occur or to be physical.
Motion fits reality much better than force, space and time do!
Motion has the unique advantage of unifying all our human concepts of force, time, space, field even matter.

Two specific cases of motion naturally taking over our concepts of space, time and force.

  1. The expanding universe is motion...
    You and are living in motion, along the expansion of the universe, rather than in space and time.
  2. Light rays are pure motion!
    Light main characteristic is to move! Light has no mass!
    Nature provided the human being the ability to see with its very own eyes motion in its purest format that of light!
    By contrast in physics, light rays, which are called electromagnetic waves, and which are also photons, are interpreted as being a force that is the electromagnetic force!
    In this new interpretation, electromagnetic waves (and light) are waves that ride the frantic chaotic motion of space, just as sound waves ride the chaotic motion of air molecules that surround us.
    And we distinguish the color of light through the same process we distinguish the pitch of sound, that is sensing the waves' various frequencies.

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