A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

The Object of gravimotion is not that of Physics Science

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Gravimotion is a non-conventional interpretation of Nature.

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Science and gravimotion respective goals

  1. Physics’ Science is an interpretation of Nature, the ingredients of which are space, time (or space-time) mass and 4 forces. These ingredients are handled through mathematics, mathematical laws, mathematical equations, mathematical principles and numerical constants.
    The Science of physics puts into play the inventiveness, imagination, intuition, and smartness of great men and women many of which geniuses.
  2. The art of painting is an interpretation of Nature the ingredients of which are canvass and colors. The art of painting also involves outstanding painters who produced above average chefs d'oeuvre.
  3. Gravimotion is an interpretation of Nature the sole ingredient of which is motion; gravimotion though involves simple logic only.
All in all the goal of physics science is to express then discover new Natural Laws.
Yet there are 2 types of physicists, described next; even though they clash sometimes fiercely, they are all contributing to that very commendable goal, which is to express and discover new Natural laws; and that is the reason behind gravimotion.
Gravimotion is based on physics science and more so on the discording aspects of science.

Science and scientific human beings

There are 2 opposite, to each other, schools of thoughts in science physics.
  1. There are those like Einstein, Planck, Schrodinger, Sommerfeld, who think that the mathematical laws of science must make sense.
  2. And there are those as Bohr, Heisenberg, and Dirac, who think that whether the laws of physics make sense or not is irrelevant; as long as these laws allow us to make predictions and discover new laws that is all we need.
Evidently, these 2 opposite schools are not in conflict when the law makes sense.
Yet the 2 schools confront each other violently when a law doesn’t make sense.

Here are 2 mathematical laws of physics that contradict each other

The nature of Nature is a subject that fascinates me; and because I am not a scientist I naturally turned to science and studied physics to understand Nature.
When I discovered among other dualities this space duality non-sense, I discovered that I am a follower of Einstein's school: things should make sense.
Simple logic mandates that something that has volume as space does, cannot be made of nothing; the quantum vacuum, which has been assigned some physical consistency, no doubt overwhelms Michelson Morley lack of aether.
The irony is first that, through light absolute speed, Einstein's relativity is based on the emptiness of space; yet Einstein's own space-time which deviates mass and light must be made of something! Worse (apparently farther yet from logic) Einstein's relativity has been, and still is, verified experimentally over and over.
All of these inconsistencies triggered in me the need to go to the bottom of things and find out why these inconsistencies are in accordance with experiments!
Note that from any physicist point of view, my quest is useless, as the experiment results confirm these inconsistencies.

Simple logic

Even though I, as anyone else, am at the mercy of mental errors, is it not beyond this world and as such also beyond any human thought, to claim that space exists and doesn’t exist at same time?

Because that space duality non-sense (integral part of science) is denied by gravimotion, gravimotion is (so far) denied by science!

The good news is there are mental geniuses whose thoughts transcend all altercations!
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt.
The overall truth is both A and B schools of thoughts are valid in the eyes of their respective supporters, first because no one feels inferior but most importantly because both schools contribute to science!

In the end, physicists might one day accept gravimotion as another controversy, as gravimotion's controversy amounts at eradicating physics' science revered controversies!

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