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What is motion?

Motion, physical in reality, is not treated right in physics!
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I know what motion is!

Should one pretend to tell you what is motion, you might answer: "I know what is motion!"
And you are absolutely right because motion is part of our very human nature; better yet motion is part of Nature.
Yet once through the obvious appearances of motion, one may wonder about motion.
And that is natural because motion is mystery!
  • Motion is a scientific mystery.
  • Yet motion is also a physical mystery.

PART I: Motion is a Mystery and Ignored in Science

Physics' basic description of motion

"The purpose of mechanics is to describe how bodies change their position in space with time". Albert Einstein.
Yet positions in space and in time are both extern to the motion studied.

Such a description of motion might be accurate but doesn't provide us a clue on what motion is!

Besides immediately following the above quote, Einstein questions the meanings of the words "position" and "space", which confuses the issue even more.

Motion and Mathematical Speed

The scientific or mathematical interpretation of motion is speed.
The concept of speed lures us in thinking we know everything about motion!
Yet because speed is the ratio of miles or kilometers per hour and because none of these are involved in motion, physics' mathematical speed is absolutely foreign to the physical entity of motion.
Here too our concept of speed may well coincide with motion but again doesn't provide a clue on what motion is.

Motion is so evident physically that we do not even notice the divorce there is between our mental concept of speed and the reality of motion.

Motion and relativity

In addition speed is relative in physics, which has the sad effect to further disconnect the concept we make of motion in our human minds from motion reality.
Speed is relative because it is observed (or measured in physics) relatively to a background (to a reference system in physics).
As such though, relativity is a characteristic of our human observation of motion, and not of motion per se!
Please note that claiming that motion is physical, as done in gravimotion, doesn't deny relativity, a theory built on the observation of things in motion relative to a reference system, and not on the reality of motion.
The mathematics of relativity is a one way deal; while accurate it doesn't return in exchange any information on the physical constitution of motion.
The fact is that the speed of a material object is a concept that remains within the domain of kinematics in physics, which is the study of motion devoid of any energy or force activating it, whereas in reality, even when uniform, motion ends up being dynamic or energetic.

Physics relative speed, coincidental to the observation of motion, doesn't provide us a clue, either, on the physical reality of motion.

Now let's get at the heart of the problem ...
Why is motion a mystery in science?

  • Letís call P1 and P2 two as close as possible but distinct positions in space such that there is not any other available position in between P1 and P2.
  • Physics description of the motion of a material object is through well-defined positions in a well-defined reference system.
    In other words, an object in motion, which gets to position P1, must first disappear from P1 before showing at position P2.
    The mystery resides in that the object must then spend a time (not null) in between P1 and P2 having no position while existing in motion, before showing in P2.
    The object's matter, its very integrity, in between P1 and P2 while in motion remains a mystery to be explained.

    Whatever happens to matter in motion between P1 and P2 remains a mystery left to our imagination.

    This author thinks that that mystery is contingent to the fact that in physics the "present", which distinguishes the past from the futur is an instantaneous instant, having no time that is not stretching in time.
  • And to add uncertainty to mystery, physics very process of motion (above) breaks down in physics subatomic world!
    Because of the uncertainty principle, positions such as P1 and P2 are essentially forbidden at subatomic scales.
    The positions themselves become mystery!
  • These 2 contradictory stances: "position in relativity", "no position in quantum mechanics" in science physics is another of those "dualities" that physicists acquit themselves with too easily!
    Yet and as explained below, the lack of position might just be the solution!

PART II: Even though Mystery, Motion is Physical in Reality

Motion is Physical

Take your pencil and let it fall on the table; because the pencil is moving, free fall is motion.

In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature motion is a physical phenomenon as real as the pencil itself.

Motion as an Alternate to Space, motion is the universe!

You might find that weird at first, to the point of not considering it seriously, yet in the gravimotion world motion comes right out of space and makes the pencil fall!
Even though claiming that motion is coming out of space is unorthodox, here in the gravimotion world, we state that motion is always there in space, preceding the pencil experiment, and remaining invisible until brought to attention.

We then move forward, and because at the cosmological scale the universe is expanding, we state that the universe is motion and is not made of space.
Motion (or expansion of the universe) is taking over our concept of space.
And that fits physicist's stance who claim that the expansion of the universe occurs through the stretching of space in between galaxies and not through galaxies moving in space away from each other.

The roles of space/time and motion are not only reversed in this new interpretation, motion is not merely taking over both space and time, but in addition time and space should they exist would now be fused into a single entity that of motion!
And to get back to the pencil experiment and its motion, the motion of a single object, in gravimotion, is a local motion occurrence, formatted out of the motion replacing space and time.

While claiming that physical motion comes right out of space sounds weird at first, claiming that motion replaces our human concept of space turns out to be surprisingly pragmatic, and extremely beneficial to our understanding of Nature.

To start with, motion replaces advantageously in one scoop, space, time and gravitation! Motion is the best unifier there is.

Motion is the physical embodiment of Einstein's mathematical space-time-curvature!

Departing from conventional interpretation, motion is redefined as follows in gravimotion:
Because physical, motion has physical characteristics.

  1. Motion physical characteristics are inner orientation (rather than a direction relative to an external reference) and inner intensity or thrust (rather than relative speed).
    Freefall best embodies both motion's inner orientation and inner thrust.
    While freefall is accelerated motion, uniform motion also embodies both motion's inner characteristics.
  2. In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, motion is a physical loss of equilibrium, that altogether seeks equilibrium:
    • Either motion is a dynamic loss of equilibrium, as when it occurs in free fall or gravimotion.
    • Or motion is a restricted loss of equilibrium, as when we stand on earth and not falling.
    • Any other motion of matter is a combination of above 2; motion is a dynamic loss of equilibrium, which is partially restricted by friction.
  3. In gravimotion's interpretation of nature motion is physically both the cause and effect of itself; a quality that justifies its very existence, and that justifies the existence of the universe at large that is the existence of everything that exists as all that exists is made of various motion activities in gravimotion; and by the way justification (well grounded) is not necessarily explanation (intelligible).
    In "physics", the cause of uniform motion is inertia, and the cause of accelerated motion is force.
    In physics, forces are in charge, forces do exist and then motion is ignored.
    In gravimotion, uniform motion is the cause and effect of itself, and acceleration and deceleration are uniform motion to which are added, subtracted uniform motion.

The essence of motion

In any case, that is even though motion is physical, motion remains a mystery.
In this paragraph motion is introduced using our concepts of time, space and position, yet with the ultimate intention to show that motion is self-sufficient, and in the end to drop altogether these concepts of position, time and space.
  • In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, matter while in motion, doesn't disappear in between 2 successive adjacent positions P1 and P2.
    Both the motion and the matter that that that motion moves "occur" during finite durations of our concept of time!
    As such matter in motion "overlaps" a larger volume of space than that it occupies in our human concept of rest; and by the way just as its matter "overlaps" a stretch of time as it does an instantaneous moment.
    In other words the moment we are living, while observing motion, is not instantaneous as thought in physics, but does stretch in time; the present has a duration in time that cannot be broken down in instantaneous time instants.
  • While in motion a subatomic particle starts to arrive in position P2 before it finished leaving position P1.
    Gravimotionís motion of a subatomic particle involves an elongation of matter (in space and in time) from positions P1 to P2.
  • A fundamental and amazing consequence of the essence of motion is that motion has no beginning and no end!
    Because motion involves altogether volume of space and time duration, no position in space within motion and no instant in time within motion can be defined.
    Our concept of position such as P1 or P2, which is occupied by material objects, now vanishes into thin air!

    Motion, physical in essence, yet having no beginning and no end, transcends our concept of the physical...
    Finite motion, having no beginning and no end becomes altogether infinite, because the infinite is that which has no boundaries.
    In motion the finite becomes infinite, or if you wish the infinite becomes physical and finite!
    The present moment, as interpreted in gravimotion, is the embodiment of the finite being also infinite. The present moment, which has to be finite because it occurs, is nevertheless infinite as it renews itself indefinitely over and over!

  • The above description of motion is possible in gravimotion because:
    1. Neither mass nor inertia exists in gravimotion, essentially sidestepping physics' obligation of matter to occupy a position.
    2. A subatomic particle occurs (rather than is made of) under both gravitational and electrical fields, and not of mass and electric charge.
    3. Last but not least electric fields happen themselves as occurrences of motion, just as gravitational fields do, and as such subatomic particles occur (rather than exist) while having no position!
      A behavior, by the way, strangely reminding that of quantum mechanics subatomic particles.
    FYI in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the gravitation field and the electric field surrounding any subatomic particle are specific formats of the motion making space.

Motion at the base of a Unified Interpretation of Nature

In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, motion's physical evidence replaces speed's mental and mathematical relative or elusive concepts.
And that is only the tip of the iceberg, motion, which is as physical as the pencil of the experiment, is the sole ingredient of this interpretation of Nature named gravimotion.
Now resting on a single ingredient that is motion, gravimotion is an interpretation of Nature inherently unified!
There is nothing like gravimotion's interpretation of nature.

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