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What is gravimotion?

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Neither physics nor fiction, there is nothing like gravimotion!

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The idea behind the word Gravimotion

The word gravimotion is the fusion of the two words gravitation and motion.

The word gravimotion expresses the fact that the phenomenon of gravitation can be physically seen (not in the abstract way, but really or physically with your eyes) as motion.
Take a pen, lift it above the table and release it, it falls, it gets into motion!
Gravimotion is an interpretation of Nature in which both Newton's force of gravity and Einstein's space-time are interpreted in terms of motion; yet because they describe that motion accurately, physics' equations remain true.

One, to start with, is reluctant to the idea that motion (rather than force of gravity or space-time curvature) is what makes objects fall!
That's too simple! That's childish! There is no force in motion! It goes against physics fundamental tenets etc...
Yet motion that we see occuring with our eyes, rather than force that cannot be seen, can after all be considered to occur, to be real and physical.

The concept of gravimotion rests on one idea and one physical phenomenon

  1. Motion is the cause of the falling pen (this phrase is a construct of human imagination).
  2. Motion is physical or real (motion occurs outside human thoughts and observation).
Because we observe the motion and not the force of gravity, I ask the question: is the "force of gravity" behind the motion that occurs through free fall?
It happens that Einstein asked himself that very same question and his answer has been space-time curvature...
Unfortunately for you and me, we do not see that space time curvature either!
It then makes sense to assert that motion (that we see) is physical and that neither the force of gravity nor space-time curvature (that we do not see) are physical.
Yet such assertion has drastic side effects!
It provides a physical interpretation of gravitation that can be seen; that is not negligible because physics equations do not provide any clue on the physical constitution of the phenomenon!

Last but not least it amounts asserting that motion is altogether "cause" and "effect", and that has dire consequences with respect to our traditional interpretation of Nature!
Light rays justify the merging of cause and effect; light, which has no mass and is moving, is pure motion! Thus light's very motion entity, having neither mass nor inertia to keep it moving, is compelled to be moving on its own. Light very motion format, is at same time the cause of its effect and the effect of its cause!

Gravimotion's interpretation of nature essential characteristics

  1. Gravimotion, which is based on a single physical phenomenon that of motion, deals exclusively with the physical.
  2. Gravimotion is simple, involving simple logic as above, a logic based on the reality of motion.
    The gravimotion mechanism is introduced and illustrated through simple sketches.
    It is to be comprehended by anyone interested.
  3. Gravimotion is coherent, should you pursue and read the treatise on gravimotion, you will find it makes sense.
  4. In the end pragmatic imagination, yet based on science's discoveries and knowledge, lead to a crystal clear picture of nature.

How does that differ from the science of physics?

  1. Based on elusive entities such as time, space even force, in spite of its name, theoretical physics doesn't provide a clue on the physical constitution of things. Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature adds a physical meaning to physics mathematics.
  2. The science of physics is complex; it is expressed in terms of complex abstract mathematics and requires high level of mental sophistication.
    Very few dare study physics.
    Involving little mathematics of its own, by contrast gravimotion can be understood by anyone interested.
  3. Physicists ask you to put aside your common sense to accept the irrational conclusions, at which their theories arrive.
    Gravimotion provides very simple answers to famous controversies of physics' theories, such as light duality.
  4. At the end of the day extremely complex mathematics are tangling up physics in an inextricable maze, and in so doing providing us an incomprehensible or if you prefer an unrealistic picture of Nature.
    By contrast gravimotion provides a simple, realistic and unified interpretation of Nature.

Ah... before you leave, 3 short yet important comments...

  1. Gravimotion's interpretation of the gravitation phenomenon implies that our human concept of space and time (or Einstein's space-time) are physically made of motion.
    As such we are living in motion and not in time!
  2. Even though the ingredients (time, space, force) considered in physics are replaced by motion in gravimotion, physics experiments and mathematics have been an inspiration for gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.
    Physics experiments and mathematics, which are respectively the observation (for experiments) and description (for mathematics) of the appearance of natural events, end up concerning natural events appearance only, while ignoring Nature's very substance.
    One way to enter the gravimotion world is to acknowledge that physics mathematics matches observation and appearances of events yet are not about the physical substance of Nature.
    Newton emphasized the rift between mathematics and reality in his "Philosophić Naturalis Principia Mathematica". Newton pointed out that his mathematical equations had to be correct as they match the physical measurements; yet he specifically added that the theory doesn't provide a clue on the basic nature of gravity.
    The nature of gravity is motion in gravimotion.
  3. The intent behind gravimotion is not to compete with physics, as a matter of fact gravimotion doesn't measure up to applied physics and by far!
    The intent behind gravimotion is "simply" to offer a "coherent" interpretation of Nature that "simply" makes sense.
    Because the science of physics doesn't make sense, an interpretation of Nature that makes sense is earnestly needed.
    Gravimotion is an interpretation of Nature that derives from the purely mathematical aspect of physics and its inconsistencies.
    Gravimotion is an unconventional interpretation of Nature based on motion and not on conventional concepts such as time and space!

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