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Gravitation Interpretations by the Human Mind

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The 4 consecutive human concepts of gravitation

  1. The first idea or mental concept of gravitation appeared over 2000 years ago. Aristotle, born 384 BC, declared that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones.
  2. The second generation concept of gravitation, which proved Aristotle wrong, is due to Galileo Galilei born in 1564.
    His experiments show all objects no matter their weight fall at the same rate.
    And Newton in his work the "Principia" of 1687 came up with the mathematical theory.
    Think of it, for 2000 years we humankind have been in error about gravitation.
  3. The third generation of ideas about gravitation is Einstein’ space-time curvature.
    To be precise: the third human interpretation of gravity is the General theory of relativity, which while its equations speak the truth I personally do not understand to this day.
    Both Newton's and Einstein's interpretation of gravitation involve the concept of force.
  4. The fourth and latest concept of gravitation has been introduced in 2002 through the book Gravimotion now out of print.
    That book is also way out of date; do not try to get it! All info on gravimotion is now posted on internet, and updated on a daily basis.
    In this latest interpretation, gravitation is motion, hence the label gravimotion.
    In gravimotion interpretation of gravity, Earth's gravitation (gravitation field in science physics) inter-acts with the apple's own gravitation field (instead of interacting with the apple's mass as interpreted in science physics) dynamically formatting the apple's gravitation into gravimotion, which becomes the apple's very motion.
    And just as Galileo's measures suggest, gravimotion's motion-interpretation-of-gravitation is independent of mass!
    Because think of it, while gravity acts on mass in science physics, the free fall of an object due to gravitation on Earth is actually independent of its mass; all objects fall at the same rate.

The traditional view versus an innovative and pragmatic interpretation of gravitation

We may interpret gravitation in two differing ways:
  • Force: Gravitation is force of gravity, which is the pressure we feel under our feet when standing up.
  • Motion: Gravitation is free fall or motion: gravitation is evidenced through the falling of objects on earth.

Gravitation is exclusively a force, and not at all motion, in physics

Physics interpretation of gravitation is exclusively based on the force of gravity.
The above force of gravity is the only real entity in science; the force of gravity is what makes an apple fall.
Whether due to gravitation or not, motion is not physical in science, inert mass and forces only are physical in physics.
Einstein even stated that while falling of the roof, because he feels no force, a roofer is not accelerated, that is neglecting motion even when acceleration is involved.
Obviously it is the force of gravity, which is physical in physics, motion on the other hand, is elusive not to say fictitious in physics' interpretation of reality; an interpretation, which remains nevertheless true, and which is appropriately called relativity.

Gravitation is exclusively motion, and not at all a force, in gravimotion

Even though obvious to anyone's observation, no scientist ever mentioned this interpretation of gravitation; and even though obvious, such interpretation requires now a mental U-turn!
Now gravitation is motion and force is abolished.
Gravitation's motion aspect, is succinctly introduced below.

In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, motion in its most basic format, is represented with a simple geometrical illustration, labeled motion-occurrence.
Then the dynamic formats of all motions mentioned next, are various combinations and orientations of that basic motion-occurrence.
In gravimotion’s interpretation of Nature, space is essentially Brownian motion, similar to the motion of hot air molecules (but without the molecules).
Space is represented with motion-occurrences moving in all directions, and labeled pure-activity.
Then the gravitation surrounding any material object is a specific, local yet dynamic format of that pure-activity, in turn labeled radial-activity.
When-and-where 2 radial-activities (gravitational motion formats) overlap they interfere; the interference amounts to a new dynamic format that of gravimotion also the very motion of the objects involved.

Forces do no longer exist! Only gravi-motion makes the apple fall and restricted motion makes you feel the sensation you have under your feet when standing on Earth.
Asserting motion is physical and force fictitious is in direct conflict with physics stand that force is physical and motion is relative or nonphysical.
Denying force is also denying the cause of motion, and stating motion is the cause of itself amounts to deny one of physics’ fundamental tenet, as cause and effect are in physics 2 separate entities.
Yet unifying cause and effect does not necesarily deny physics' mathematics of gravity.
In gravimotion cause and effect make one in 2 ways; first they occur simultaneously (in both our concepts of space and time), then both cause and effect are of same nature; in gravimotion cause and effect are both made of motion activity.

Furthermore, in gravimotion, mass is actually made of radial-activity (turned into gravimotion when in motion), this unheard-of description of conventional mass and gravitation does no longer require our mental concept of mass.
Note also that light waves may now ride space's chaotic Brownian motion, just as sound waves ride the motion of air molecules.

While physics mathematics is faultless, physics departing point or physics' basic assumptions could be chosen differently.

Physics' starting point is based on tradition and beliefs.
As shown next, gravimotion's starting point is much more pragmatic.
  1. Physics basic assumptions
    Both Newton and Einstein interpretations of gravitation are based on at least 3 traditional assumptions:
    1. The mass of any material body generates both Newton's gravitation force and Einstein's space-time curvature.
    2. As a consequence, both Newton's gravitation force and Einstein's curvature have no effect on the mass that engenders them.
    3. Finally both Newton's gravitation force and Einstein's space-time curvature have a direct effect on all body masses of the universe but their own.
      Earth's force of gravity or space-time curvature detaches the mass of Newton's apple from the tree and makes it hit his head!
      Yet the apple's own mass also creates its gravitational force that in reverse compels earth and Newton's head to move toward the apple.
      No matter how negligible the apple's mass with respect to earth's mass, in reality just as in physics, a very small motion of earth and of Newton sitting on it, is nevertheless occurring toward the apple!
  2. Gravimotion basic assumptions
    Gravimotion departing point is the antithesis to physics starting ideas in two drastic ways:
    • It emphasizes visible motion at the expense of invisible force.
    • And that motion comes right out of space, instead of being generated by mass,as is the force of gravity in physics.
    The phenomenon of gravitation is instead based on the following assumptions:
    1. Gravitation is simply motion that comes right out of space, and just as we human witness it while an object is in free fall.
      In this new interpretation gravitation is not the effect of mass as in physics.
      The assumption that gravitation’s origin is space, and not mass, is in direct conflict with physics interpretation item 1 above.
    2. Gravitation affects specifically the matter it is directed to (the matter that in physics engenders it); and when turned into gravimotion becomes that matter's very motion.
      The assumption that gravitation turned into gravimotion moves the matter it is directed to (that very matter that in physics engenders it), is in direct conflict with physics interpretation item 2 above, in which gravitation has no action on the very matter that engenders it.
    3. Earth’s surrounding radial-activity (physics' gravitational field) interacts with the apple’s own radial-activity and not with the apple's mass as in physics.
      Here too, the assumption that gravitation acts on gravitation and not on mass is in direct conflict with physics basic assumption item 3 above, in which force of gravity affects mass and not gravity!
  3. What mental U-turn?
    To mingle with gravimotion idea, your mind has to make a U-turn that has a departure and an arrival:
    • Start the mental U-turn by thinking that Newton's apple own surrounding gravity instead of coming out of the apple's matter, is coming right out the space surrounding it, and mingles with earth's gravity in which it is immersed.
      Now, instead of having no effect on its own matter, the surrounding apple's gravity turned into gravimotion by earth's gravity, acts primarily on it, just as that apple's force of gravity direction suggests!
    • Then your mind's U-turn involves replacing that force of gravity by motion, just as you see it in the real world!
    There is nothing to understand! The apple's motion makes the apple hit Newton's head!
    Amazingly, the most difficult is to get rid of physics' un-understandable and un-imaginable interpretation!
    If that can help, just think what you see: while falling, an object is simply moving toward the ground.

The goal of gravimotion

For the record, gravimotion's interpretation of gravitation, doesn't contest physics mathematics accuracy!
The goal of gravimotion is not to create controversy; the goal of gravimotion is to bring into the open the physical consistency that permeates physics mathematics.

There is much more to gravimotion's interpretation of Nature!

Electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves are also dynamically represented using gravimotion's basic motion-occurrence.
While simplistic, gravimotion is innovative and revolutionary; above all gravimotion makes sense!

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