A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature


WELCOME to Gravimotion's Website!
Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!

For those of us human beings who are struggling to have a radiating website, let me tell you, (natural) spiders do that with ease!

Imagine A SPIDER WEB on the rear view mirror of your car!
A year before this picture was taken, the very same web appeared on the mirror of my car!

With the arrogance that we human sometimes exhibit when an unsuspected twist of nature pops up, I briskly wiped that web out. At the time I thought "you spiders are great, but us human beings have serious business to attend!"

Imagine my surprise when the web reappeared a week later! Since then I drove my car in the Sierras at the highest altitudes, in the coldest temperatures, in snowstorms, winds and rains. I left my car under California's long summer tenacious sun. I drove my car cross-country from San Francisco to Chicago and back through Canada, and you guessed right, a year later, my (now I call it mine!) little spider that I never seen just keeps on bravely rebuilding its incredible but real web on that insecure place!

It's amazing! I came to love my spider! I even feel guilty when she (in French spiders are feminine) takes it at ease and forces me to wipe her web out. But, forgive me, I have to when I canít use my mirror any more!

If you happen to walk by my car, just look at this spider's flabbergasting web, and please do not wipe it out yet!
By the way that spider taught me that this website (www.gravimotion.info) should be called instead a web-node !

If you landed on this page directly through a search engine, this site is ALL about the beauty of Nature!
Gravimotion is a clever, innovative interpretation of Nature...

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