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Physics' Toxic Assets...

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In 2008 the financial world stalled, clobbered with subprimes, hedge funds, derivatives, and toxic assets of all kinds!


Did it ever occur to you that theoretical physics is hampered with toxic assets too?
And did it ever occur to you that these toxic assets are making physics theories founder and sink in despair?

The fact of the matter

Theoretical physics is stalling with toxic assets!
Here are a few of physics' theories toxic assets:

Toxic assets in theoretical physics are primarily found under the form of dualities

  1. The wave/particle duality of light is a toxic asset.
    A wave, occupying vast volumes of space, and riding on a great number of discrete elements, cannot physically be identified to a discrete particle.
  2. The duality of space, absolutely empty to allow light waves to travel, yet full of frantic energy in the quantum vacuum is a serious toxic asset!
  3. Another toxic asset, yet ignored by physicists and laypersons alike, is the duality of inertia, as Newton’s inertia law doesn’t take care of rotational inertia... and the latter requires its own equations.
  4. Then the conceptual mismatch that exists between relativity and quantum theories is a huge toxic asset!
    The toxicity resides in the incompatibility of the statistical mathematics, used in quantum theory, and calculus used in relativity. The former deals with finite quanta, the later with so called infinitesimal that are incompatible with the quanta1.
  5. Another well-known yet denied as being an incompatible duality is in the ambiguity of uniform motion.
    The constant speed of light is "absolute", while uniform speed is supposed to be "relative" in theoretical physics.
    That incompatibility is actually the object of Einstein's relativity theories.
    That incompatibility is actually what inspired Einstein!
    Einstein clearly writes that his goal is to render the incompatible (the absolute speed of light and relativity of speed) compatible! Unfortunately Einstein's solution (space-time), renders our concept of time, which at best is elusive to start with, even more abstract and incomprehensible.
  6. Another toxic asset of physics yet is the concept of position in space!
    The concept of position is a fundamental tenet of physics' relativity theory.
    Yet that very same concept of position is forbidden in quantum mechanics!
    Judge for yourself:
    • The quantum mechanics' uncertainty principle excludes the state of position for anything that is in motion.
    • Yet "in reality" (that is in the physical world) everything happens to be in motion along the expansion of the universe!
    Put these 2 together and the outcome is clear! Elemental logic mandates that our "mental concept of position" cannot exist in the "physical world"! Yet who cares about logic? The concept of position still prevails to this day in physics! Relativity is not only based on it, relativity is revered!
    Do not get me wrong, I do not deny relativity's accomplishments! I simply state that relativity doesn't give us a clue on what is reality.
How do physicists deal objectively with these mental contradictions?
Thinking of it physicists may remain objective in contradiction because objectivity has a dual meaning of its own!
Nowadays it is the opinion of the majority, which is objective; objectivity no longer deals with reality (with physical "objects").
This author is convinced that instead of being "incredibly incoherent" Nature is "simply consistent"!

Toxic assets in theoretical physics are also found in the form of intellectual entities that lack collateral physical entity.

  • Physics concept of time is an incredibly potent toxic asset!
    Time has been established eons ago by who knows who.
    Not even a physical entity, time is essentially based on faith!
    What about that for the science of physics?
  • Space is as much a toxic asset as time is in physics, as space is as much based on faith as time is!
    There is no proof of existence of space!
  • The most dangerous toxic asset found in physics theories is very probably our human concept of mass, adopted as is in the theories!
    Ironically the quantum theory might have been on the right track up until Higgs invented the so called Higgs field "or particle", just to satisfy our belief that mass exists!
    Nobody knows what is mass, and should it turn out to be an illusion of our minds that will have catastrophic effects on Newton's and Einstein's mechanical equations. What will become of Einstein's famous mC2 without physical mass? And what will become of our concept of atomic mass and proton?
  • Another of physics' hidden yet devastating toxic asset is the concept of entropy!
    This abstract concept of entropy derives from the physical phenomenon of heat transfer dubbed degraded energy in physics, which is (in the real world) none else than a compounded phenomenon that is an effect and not a cause.
    As an effect, entropy cannot be used backward to explain its own cause! Entropy cannot be used backward to explain the phenomenon of heat transfer, let alone to explain the details of the primary cause (temperature) behind a heat transfer. And entropy is farther remote yet from explaining and describing the individual trajectories of the molecules and atoms, which are the real cause of temperature and its transfer.
    In spite of this major hindrance that is being an effect useless at getting at the bottom of things, entropy became a major "law of nature" in physics. Worse yet, entropy's statistical mathematics is at the origin of the quantum theory, and ends up being the fundamental pillar of the standard model!
    While a fundamental tenet of the quantum theory, entropy is in fact only a side effect of the motion of the molecules, which the theory furthermore ignores to start with; no wonder that that theory asserts in reverse that the trajectory of a subatomic particle cannot be predicted!

    But there is more against entropy!
    When Boltzmann designed it, he forgot all about gravitation.
    Frankly I am amazed to see physicists wondering why the standard model, which is based on the statistical mathematics of entropy is missing the phenomenon of gravity!
    Defying all logic, the theory, in accordance to the entropy law, even claims that the universe will end in "thermodynamic equilibrium"; why would Nature obey a human made law that forgot all about Nature's fundamental gravitational nature?
  • Besides its duality (item 3. above) inertia shares with entropy a fatal handicap that I did not mention yet!
    Inertia as entropy is a human invention; both have no physical collateral! Neither can be measured. Neither have been allocated a unit of measure etc.
    Yet inertia (which doesn't exist) is supposed to maintain uniform motion! Inertia is hindering acceleration and deceleration. Who are we to think that ideas of ours that have no physical collateral nevertheless rule the physical world?
    Both inertia and entropy are not part of gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.

These are just a few examples of theoretical physics’ toxic assets; you might think of many more yourself...
Let it be known that these toxic assets are poisoning THEORETICAL PHYSICS ONLY!
Just as real estate properties, agricultural harvests and commercial and industrial buildings, are immune and not destroyed by financial toxic assets, EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS as well as APPLIED PHYSICS are immune to the diseases affecting THEORETICAL PHYSICS.
In any case there is a solution to physics’ theories dilemma, and a very simple one at that!
Believe it or not... all of the above problems are solved in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature!
And nobody seriously challenged the author yet! That is nobody, other than those who use such inconclusive language as "I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TIME DOES NOT EXIST!" or "GRAVIMOTION IS RUBBISH!"
This page about the contradictions of physics, has been inspired by the comments of a physicist at CERN who told the author that he would rather stick to physics and would only consider a new interpretation of Nature on the condition that it has no contradictions...

Gravimotion is a logical (not philosophical), yet physical interpretation of physics mathematics.
While ignoring physics ingredients that lack reality (inertia, entropy and more), gravimotion reconciles physics dualities!

Footnote 1:
The quantum theory might make sense should it limits itself to the study of phenomenon involving large quantities of quanta that is avoiding for sure the study of individual quantum and particle.
Note that that has been the use Planck (the father of the quantum theory) made of the quanta! Planck's calculations involve populations of quanta and not individual quantum.

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