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Science and religion

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Some scientists distance themselves from religion

Some scientists are of the opinion that there are two sides, namely science and religion and they teach there is a definite difference between the two.
Science is based on physical experiments, they claim, while religion is based on faith.

And some religious people distance themselves from science

Religion, which is based on faith, no doubt leads to errors.
Some people, according to their religion, believe that the world was created 6000 years ago.
Scientific evidences from many differing sources show that this belief is "immensely" in error.
Clearly these believers do not trust science!

Are scientists above believers?

OK some believers are mistaking... but those scientists who are distancing themselves from blind faith, are they not believers too?
Scientists who claim not being on the side of religion, might not like that question: Is not science based on faith too?

Here are a few examples of beliefs embedded in physics.
The concept of infinity is deeply embedded in physics. The force of gravity, which extends to infinity is an example of it. Is the force of gravity verified experimentally all the way "to infinity"? Or is it an article of faith? Nobody ever probed infinity, obviously it can only be an article of faith!
Then physicists happen to believe that space-time interferes with matter or mass of matter . But as suggested in this website there is at least one other belief, (namely motion) on which the whole of theoretical physics could be based!
Another example is the grand-unified theory. Scientists are struggling to discover it never reaching it. Does unshakable faith not inhabit scientists on that particular subject? And is that faith in a unified theory not similar to that of those who believe in one God?
Another article of faith that is integrated within the science of physics is the belief that time exists! Time as God is immaterial, nobody seen it, nobody proved its existence! Yet time appears in many of physics equations, just as God appears in the scriptures. Physicists belief in time is proof that in some specific circumstances beliefs predominate too in science.
Science and religion are definitely different, yet faith is not what distinguishes them!

The truth of the matter..

No matter our scientific theories, no matter our human religions, reality remains a mystery!
It's as simple as that!
The mystery is in the existence and strict enforcing of the Natural laws.
Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature doesn't explain why the Natural laws get enforced anymore than science does.
Natural laws and Nature strict compliance with these laws, a compliance remarkable with respect to our human made laws, make the author of these lines feel in tune as much with those who believe in God as those who believe in laws of physics.

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