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Science is respected

Most of us perceive science as the domain of professionals performing sophisticated experiments and dealing with complex mathematics.
Scientists and physicists have definitely some authority over the media and us laypersons.
Whatever they say, scientists are respected for their knowledge, even when they fight among themselves in the open.

Besides the respect we have for physicists, the science of physics is highly regarded as dealing with absolute truth.

For sure experimental physics is rock solid!

A characteristic of the science of physics is to be based on "physical" experiments.
Theoretical physics on the other hand is an "intellectual byproduct" of those experiments.

Predictions that are verified experimentally, justify the theories...

A goal of theoretical physics is to predict facts to be in turn verified through experimental physics.
This part of physics, namely prediction, justifies (in our human minds) the theories.

Applied physics.

Another byproduct of theoretical physics is applied physics.
Applied physics is essential in our day to day lives and contributes greatly to the respect we have of science.

Yet there are serious cracks...

Nevertheless it turns out that physics theories produce unrealistic (irrational) outcomes!
No matter the respect we have for science... does physics offer a true image of reality?
Frankly speaking, physics might not!
While experimental physics and applied physics are rock solid, theoretical physics is questionable!
Gravimotion interpretation of Nature clashes head on with most concepts of theoretical physics...
For instance in gravimotion interpretation of Nature we are living in motion rather than in time!

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