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Principle of motion

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The principle of motion and physics

A principle usually appears at the base of a theory or as a pillar of a philosophy or any other construct of the mind.
A principle can be a law or an assumption, no matter its format or its origin a principle is always accepted as a basic truth.
As such a principle of motion could exist in physics for instance.
Yet in physics the reality of motion is not even considered and it seems that there is no principle of motion.

Claiming that motion is relative is claiming that motion is not physical.
Clearly in physics motion has no physical embodiment.
The relativity of motion enhances the elusiveness with which motion is considered in physics.

Let's face it, with concepts as diverse as relativity, symmetries (concerned with translations and rotations), the energy conservation principle, the uncertainty principle, it is difficult to imagine how a principle of motion could be thought of.

The principle of motion and this website

If you "landed" on this page (directly from a search engine), this site introduces an alternative to physics that makes sense, namely the Gravimotion interpretation of Nature.
Gravimotion (most often) doesn't deny physics mathematics.
There is one specific case of physics mathematics, which is denied in gravimotion.
The mathematical interpretation of Michelson Morley experiment of the late 1800's is not correct.
There is nothing wrong about the physical experiment though!
The mathematical interpretation of the Michelson Morley experiment, which asserts that space is empty, contradicts physics own "quantum vacuum" mathematics, which asserts that space is full of frantic energy!
Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature embraces, in its own way that is in terms of motion, the "quantum vacuum" concept.
Gravimotion simply follows its own way, providing an unexpected, unheard of, and new interpretation of physics mathematics.

In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, motion is a physical phenomenon.
And that could be interpreted as a principle regarding motion.
The fact of the matter is that observation-of-motion (physic's speed) and not motion is relative.
Speed is expressed in terms of distance and time, yet neither distance nor time contributes to motion. Speed is not motion.
While speed, physics' representation of motion is relative, in reality (outside our minds) motion remains physical!
In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, motion occurs in the same manner as the motion of light does in physics.
In physics the speed of light (its motion) is absolute.
That means that in physics the motion of light occurs by itself and is independent of our human concepts of reference and coordinate systems.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, and at the image of light in reality, motion is self-sufficient; motion depends on its own constitution and configuration, and is independent of any reference.
And to corroborate, light, which has no mass, yet which is moving, is clearly the embodiment of motion!
Light is pure motion!
You can perceive (physically) the reality of motion through your eyes that perceive the colors of light and through your skin that perceive the heat of the sunlight.
Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature could be interpreted as based on a principle of motion that cannot be expressed other than asserting that "motion does occur" (in reality). Such principle being backed up by the reality of light, which is pure motion.

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