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Nature or the Universe at large remains a mystery!

Whether considering theories that are based on several basic quantities as are physics' theories or considering an interpretation of Nature based on a single phenomenon as is gravimotion, Nature remains a mystery as far as we human are concerned!
Note that religions do not fare better; believing that God created the universe doesn't involve any understanding nor any comprehending.
Whether we respect God or science or both, none of us, religious or not, comprehend how and why the Universe is happening.

The mystery is at the core of our theories

Whether our theories are coherent or not, there are always a few questions that will remain unanswered keeping the mystery alive:
  • Why is there Natural Laws?
  • By who and how those Natural Laws do get strictly enforced day after day?
Because based on the fundamental entities of time, space, mass, and force, physics is not likely to solve the mystery soon.
And answering: "I believe that God enforces natural laws" is not a valid answer as again believing is not comprehending.

Physics fundamental entities are taken for granted and not to be explained.
Take time! What is time, if not a mystery?
And space, is it not a mystery too?
Now about mass, physics decided to move on that subject!
Mass being a mystery, became the Higgs boson in physics mathematics.
Yet the Higgs particle remains a mystery too!
So physics, finally asked itself the question: is mass a real entity or not?
And CERN's ATLAS experiment has been specifically designed to show that mass exists.
Yet whether the Higgs boson appear in the detectors or not it will anyhow remain a mystery!

The mystery remains also in force in this interpretation of Nature that is gravimotion.
Based on a single entity that of motion, at least the mystery about the existence of time, space and mass is solved, none of these exist in gravimotion!
Yet, and even though motion is physical, which is a definite advantage over physics concept of time, motion remains as much a mystery as time!

While Nature is a mystery, not to be solved soon by us human beings,
you can read much more about the nature of Nature.

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