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Motion Occurrence and its Unifying Role

WELCOME to this gravimotion's web page!
Gravimotion is a non-conventional interpretation of Nature.
Based on motion only, unlike physics, gravimotion is unified from start to end.
While unorthodox, gravimotion nevertheless complies with most of physics mathematics.

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This page concerns the occurrence of motion.
The occurrence of motion is the sole building block in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.
By contrast and as you might have noticed, motion is not even a constituent of Nature in physics science. Space, time, 4 forces and mass are the fundamental building blocks behind physics mathematics; motion is not part of the list.

Light occurs as a specific yet spectacular motion occurrence

Gravimotion's definition of the motion phenomenon is to be moving, whether that involves matter or not. And the phenomenon of light happens to implement physically that definition.
Because it is moving on its own, and because its motion involves neither mass nor matter, light is motion!
And there is a hint of that in science absolute speed of light.
While in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature the constitution of light is motion, that is definitely not the case in physics though.

You very likely never thought that light is pure motion, along most people by the way; the interpretation of light as being pure motion is an evidence that somehow remained hidden up to this gravimotion interpretation of Nature.
But that's not all! Now our own human eyes are motion detectors! Furthermore these motion detectors, our eyes, sense pure motion vibrations that occur within couple nanoseconds; a nanosecond being a thousandth of a millionth of a second! Our human eyes can very specifically distinguish motion vibrations occurring in 2.2 nanoseconds (red light) from another vibration at 1.5 nanoseconds (blue light) and sense in between these 2 colors an incredible amount of other different colors!

Gravitation is another specific motion occurrence yet as spectacular as light's motion occurrence is

Free fall is nothing else than motion.
Here again physics equations can be used as witness! Einstein explains how a gravitation field is equivalent to an accelerated motion.
Both conventional thinking and gravimotion agree with physics mathematics. The distinction is that gravitation is said to be equivalent to motion in physics, while motion is said to implement gravitation in gravimotion.
When I stumbled over that evidence, I came up with the word gravimotion.

The present moment is the purest of all motion occurrences

The present moment occurs under the form of motion-occurrences in gravimotion.
And the present is the only real entity in gravimotion, as our own human bodies and any other specific volume of the universe containing or not some material objects, are parts of the present!
Amazingly, yet as any one may witness, the present moment, which is definitely finite, nevertheless renews itself indefinitely in motion.
The present moment, made of present mo(ve)ments is at same time finite and infinite! And that is a reality that physics mathematics doesn't convey, showing once more that gravimotion departs from the interpretation usually made of mathematics.
The present in gravimotion, replaces our concept of universe; the concept of space extending in all directions is abolished in favor of this infinite present moment; the various times coinciding to the past, the present and the future, are all integrated in this infinite altogether finite present mo(ve)ments.

Gravimotion furthermore relies on the stipulation that the present moment is occurring as Brownian motion; a stipulation that accommodates for both light waves and gravitation, these 2 occurring now as specific formats of it.
While stipulating that light is riding the Brownian motion, which takes the place of both space and time, is in conflict with Michelson-Morley famous experiments of the 1880's, which allegedly proves that space is empty, that gravimotion stipulation complies with physics quantum vacuum, which contradicts these experiments as the mathematics of the quantum theory shows instead that space is full of frantic energy! And corroborating gravimotion's claim that space is occurring under Brownian motion, coinciding to quantum physics energy, is our human concept of temperature, which is energy, and which occurs as Brownian motion.

All in all, light is a wave riding the present Brownian motion, just as a sound wave is riding the Brownian motion of the air molecules.
Note that is not only departing from conventional thinking; that is blaspheming! In science there is an unequivocal consensus about light being transmitted independently of any substratum! Yet, and as already mentioned above, that consensus contradicts that other consensus about the quantum vacuum. In the end gravimotion's interpretation of light is complying with only one of the 2 contradicting consensus of physics.
And in gravimotion the gravity surrounding any material object is that present Brownian motion locally turned-into and locked-in a radial format. Now any motion involving a material object is a modification of the object gravitation into gravimotion.
Electric fields, as well as magnetic fields (physics' static electromagnetic fields) and electromagnetic waves (physics' dynamic electromagnetic fields) are all specific local formats of the present moment pure Brownian motion.
Matter's mass is discredited in favor of gravitational field; atoms and material objects end up occurring as gravitational and electromagnetic fields themselves formatted out of that present Brownian motion.

Motion occurrence surprising unifying power

Light and gravitation, time and space, as well as fields and matter are all constituted out of motion, a unification that reveals Nature elegance.
Note that because motion permeates all of physics' equations, the overlooking, by all, of motion's unifying role is simply stunning!

On the other hand, gravimotion's interpretation of Nature suggests that our own bodies and thinking end up being no more than specific manifestations of space! Now besides physicists who rebut gravimotion, those who think that human thinking is above materialistic Nature, will also reject gravimotion's interpretation of Nature. The issue is clear, not very many will endorse the idea of gravimotion!

Should you ask me: why do you write all that? The answer is that somehow, that is independently of my own education and religious beliefs, I need to get at the bottom of things!
And thinking is not enough. One has to write down its own ideas to be able to confront them.

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