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The Merits of Gravimotion

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The merits of Newton Laws

Newton's Universal Gravitational force, involving only masses and distances is mathematically concise.
Unfortunately a force is supposed to push and obviously earth's mass doesn't push the apple!
Newton's Universal law, even though mathematically exquisitely precise, is physically unrealistic.

The merits of Einstein's space-time

The theory of relativity, according to physicists, provides the "physical" means to push physically the objects that are under the influence of gravity.
The sun space-time curvature has the ability, according to physicists, to "deviate" and "push around" the mass of earth.
Einstein's space-time-curvature "physical reality" overcomes Newton's laws deficiency.
Yet the alleged "physical embodiment" of space, time and curvature, leaves us (laypersons) wondering and doubtful!

Two fundamental questions are systematically evaded!

  1. How do space and time, which we cannot touch, manage to deviate physical matter?
    Any inquisitive individual has that question in the back of its mind!
  2. Why are Newton's force of gravity and Einstein's space-time curvature acting on all masses of the universe but their own?
    Because the force of gravity is directed toward its own mass, should it be not the opposite?
    Directed toward its associated mass the force of gravity, it seems, should act primarily on its associated mass.
    One wonders how we human could imagine such a law that interprets upside down the works of Nature that furthermore all of us experiment every minute of our lives!
    We do constantly feel that force of gravity pinning us to the ground!

The Merits of Gravimotion

The gravimotion mechanism reflects the harmony of Nature.
In the gravimotion mechanism, the force of gravity or the space-time curvature associated to a celestial body influences primarily that celestial body! Just as the direction, of the force of gravity suggests.

Knowing that all material bodies, celestial or not such as Newton's apple, are surrounded by their own gravitation field or space-time curvature, gravimotion's innovative idea is as follows:
  1. Newton's apple own gravitation field is immersed within earth's gravitation field.
  2. Through direct overlapping, the apple's gravitation field is modified by Earth's gravitation field.
  3. The apple's gravitation field is thrown out of equilibrium by Earth's field, and turned into gravimotion, which becomes its very own motion.
This represents a drastic simplification in our interpretation of the phenomenon.
  1. Among many other factors the masses are not involved.
    Just as an electric field doesn't interact with mass but with the electric field surrounding an electron for instance, a gravitation field interacts with the gravitation field surrounding an object and not with its mass.
    And that solves in a radical way the dilemma mentioned in A. above.
  2. Now the gravitation phenomenon performs in a "natural" fashion.
    It does no longer work backward, solving now the dilemma expressed in B. above.
  3. Yet in addition, gravimotion (just as space-time curvature) performs the so called "necessary calculations" for the right motion to occur.
    Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature provides detailed graphic representation of this interaction.
Furthermore gravimotion is comprehensive...
Gravimotion moves itself and the object it is harnessed to, whether the latter is under gravitational influence (earth around the sun) or under mechanical influence (a car through its engine).
Even light rays (translation of electromagnetic waves) obey the gravimotion mechanism (propagation through loss of equilibrium).

The bad news...

In physics "mass", "force", "time" and "space" make the Universe.
"Motion" is not physical, but relative and is in essence (or the opposite of in essence!) virtual in physics.
This state of affair is bad news for gravimotion, which is exclusively based on the phenomenon of motion!
Gravimotion's mechanism is incompatible with physics concepts (mass, force, time, space) of Nature.

The good news...

Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature resting on a single phenomenon that of motion, is inherently (from its very foundations up) unified!
Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature is simple and pragmatic.
Gravimotion can be understood by all!
These are the merits of gravimotion...

Good and bad news are not necessarily in conflict!

Whether "mass", "force", "time" and "space" make the physical constitution of Nature or not, the correctness of physics mathematics remains un-deniable!
Yet based on experiments that is on the appearance of natural events, physics mathematics rests on the appearance of events and not on the physical constitution of Nature.
Gravimotion interpretation of Nature which pretends to describe the constitution of Nature does not have to be and is not in conflict with physics mathematics.
While motion is the sole ingredient of the universe in gravimotion, physics mathematics remains in force.

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