A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

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WELCOME to Gravimotion's Website!
Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!

About the author of this website

For your information I am not a physicist! Yet I studied physics a lot and still do.
I am not a writer either! Yet to make sure I express my ideas correctly I am using dictionaries a lot.
And I am no doubt a worthless marketing man, as I wrote 3 books and only sold a few copies of each!
As such I can only humbly witness with maze the constant increase of traffic on my websites!

The only thing I have to my advantage is a conviction: I firmly thinks motion is real.
Unfortunately physicists (in my opinion) ignore the reality of motion.
Some people claim I am ignorant; some claim motion is real in physics too; other simply say they do not believe my interpretation of Nature!
And these claims made me wonder more than once!

My favorite aphorism is from Leonardo da Vinci: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

Gravimotion in the professional press

Gravimotion's idea cannot be submitted to journals of physics as not worthy of physics own self-image. As an example see Wikipedia controversy below.
Even though gravimotion's interpretation of Nature rests mainly on physics very mathematics, it departs greatly from the interpretation that is commonly made of physics mathematics.
As such physicists think gravimotion is not justified and disregard it.
Similarly in the professional press anything, which doesn't stick to main stream physics, yet claims to represent Nature, is stray ideas and disregarded.
Gravimotion is rejected by the media and physicists alike because it departs from the conventional interpretation given to physics mathematics.

Gravimotion on Internet

"Gravimotion.info" website (this site) offers only an introduction to the Gravimotion interpretation of Nature.
Gravimotion's site has nevertheless some success. A counter has been installed on the site on August 10 2007 and removed Dec 17 2014.
Several hundreds of thousands have visited the site during that period.
The visitors are from all over the English-speaking world. 50% of the visits come from the USA; visits from universities are not uncommon.

History of Gravimotion

In January 2001, the idea of Gravimotion appeared in my mind while flying from San Francisco to Paris.
The first website I opened was: www.thetruthofthematteris.com, which I now dropped and which is apparently used by someone else.
Web.archive.org who is keeping track of old websites, kept track of a version that appeared as early as 7 Aug 2001, in which the word "gravimotion" appears.
Since then I opened (and closed) many other websites. The most popular one being Does time exist?.

Gravimotion controversy on Wikipedia

In January 2007, I posted an article titled "Gravimotion" on Wikipedia.
The content of the article was a very short introduction to the idea of gravimotion.
In May of 2007, Wikipedia's crew discovered it and immediately asked for deletion.
I tried to fight the deletion, to no avail.
The gravimotion idea, not in line with conventional physics, and not endorsed by even a single physicist, has been judged not worthy of Wikipedia.
They asked me, some with crude terms, to delete the article; under pressure I removed it myself.
The whole debate is disclosed at: Gravimotion Wikipedia deletion debate.
Since Wikipedia articles may be modified at any time, and some of those who intervened might want to erase their own writing, I kept on my personal computer a copy dated Aug 27 2007 of the debate.

There is a good side to that controversy though!
I am now prepared!
I learned a lesson; face to face with gravimotion, some among the physicists drop their alleged objectivity and turn themselves into implacable judges.
For these I have a very simple question:
How would those physicists, who claim that their irrational conclusions don't make sense, could endorse Gravimotion that does make sense?
Incredible but true, a physicist at CERN even asked me that question: But what do you mean by "it makes sense"?

Some aspects of gravimotion are stunning... and that doesn't fit tradition...

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