A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

Is Gravimotion for you?

WELCOME to Gravimotion's Website!
Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!

For-you arguments!

  • Have you ever give thoughts to such subject as time? If so gravimotion is for you!
  • Do you enjoy chatting about space, matter, life? If so gravimotion is for you!
  • Do you have an inquisitive mind? If so gravimotion is for you!
  • Are you disappointed about physics? Then gravimotion is for you!
  • If you are a philosopher or a poet you might like the idea of gravimotion.
    As an example gravimotion offers an unsuspected twist about the interaction of mind and body.
  • If you are a professional physicist, gravimotion is an unconventional interpretation of physics mathematics.
    As an example light is pure motion in gravimotion, just as the motion of light waves are; yet that doesn't contradict Maxwell equations for instance.
    Gravity is also pure motion in gravimotion, as free fall suggests; yet that contradicts neither Newton equations nor Einstein equations.
    Gravimotion is based-on, and most often agrees-with, physics; gravimotion departs from physics, when physics involves incompatible dualities.

Not-for-you arguments!

  • If physics is not your cup of tea, then gravimotion might not be for you either...
  • If you hate logic, if you hate rationale, do not read further gravimotion is not for you!
  • Or if you embrace quantum-mechanics uncertainty, gravimotion is very likely not for you.
    While quantum mechanics equations fit reality, nobody understands quantum mechanics; if you accept that chance rules the world then gravimotion is not for you.
  • If your thinking ability is not able to overcome your own beliefs, gravimotion is not for you.
There is nothing like gravimotion's interpretation of nature though!
Simply because it makes sense!

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