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Gravimotion in 1 minute reading, flat!

In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, motion is a physical phenomenon or if you wish motion is a real entity.
Discrete stretches of motion do occur in reality, and are graphically illustrated as motion occurences.

The innovation is that the gravitation surrounding any object or particle is made of motion occurences radially oriented toward the center of gravity.
And that combination of motion occurences would maintain the object at rest, provided there were no subjacent motion, such as the expansion of the universe for instance, that would interfere.

On the other hand when an object's own gravitation, take the gravitation surrounding Newton's apple, is immersed in another gravitation occurence, now earth's own gravitation, the two gravitations occurences interfere.
Think: Time is fictitious. Motion is real.
You and I are living in motion and not in time!

This seemingly innocuous idea goes against physics fundamental tenets though!
The belief in science is that time is an entity to deal with, motion is not.
Motion is identified to rest (to nothing) in physics inertia law.
The gravitation of the apple is set out of equilibrium (out of the state of rest) and turned into gravimotion.
Provided the apple is free to fall, the gravimotion of the apple, becomes its very motion.

An argument in favor of this interpretation is that gravitation affects gravitation rather than mass, just as an electrical field affects the electrical characteristics of an electric charge rather than its mass.
And it fits Galileo experimentations that gravitation's induced accelerated motion is independent of mass.

Yet the main innovation is to replace our concept of gravitation by what we see in reality and that is motion!
That requires a drastic mental shift... motion is redefined as being self energized! The force of gravity desapeared, motion takes over the whole process.
Needless to say that that simple physical evidence which is redefined as motion in gravimotion, is not considered in physics (more below box)!
Better yet... Gravimotion in 20 seconds reading!

In reality gravitation is motion, because when an object is in free fall we see motion!
Gravimotion fuses gravitation and motion in one word.

Because the motion that we call gravitation comes right out of space, space is motion in gravimotion!
Now Gravimotion blends in one word, space, time, gravitation and motion!

Even at the cosmological scale motion takes over space in the alleged expansion1 of the universe.
All in all you and I are living in motion and not in space nor in time!

Relativity Reality

In spite of their almost identical phonetic and spelling, the meanings of these 2 words have nothing in common, yet they are not in conflict either!
  • Relativity is a characteristic of our "observation" of motion and not of motion per se.
  • Claiming motion has a physical consistency displaces the debate to a different level to that of the fabric of things rather than their observation.
Now observation of motion is as real as motion; motion relativity and motion reality are not in conflict.
While motion relativity belongs to the mathematical world, and motion reality to the real world that does not put in question the theory, either!
I discovered a simple explanation, not part of physics, which reconciles relativity's elusiveness and :
In physics, Hubble's redshift is the clue or the effect or at least is at the origin of the alleged expansion of the universe.
In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature (click) Hubble's red shift is simply due to the gravitation phenomenon!

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