A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

Gravimotion Dissenting Points

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Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!


The discovery of the Gravimotion mechanism was not made by a professional physicist.
Gravimotion is the product of pure imagination.

The facts

  • To start with gravimotion's interpretation of Nature is not made of complex mathematics that can only be understood by a few.
    Gravimotion is presented instead under the form of simple geometrical models that everybody can understand.
    This is a major dissenting aspect because physics authority is mainly based on the incomprehension that we laypersons have of physics mathematics.
    The simplicity of gravimotion is its major dissenting aspect with respect to physics.

  • Then gravimotion dissents in that it departs greatly from physics interpretation of Nature and theories.
    In gravimotion, motion is not relative; because it occurs motion is real, just as matter is real because it exists.
    Ask yourself this question: is matter relative? The only thing we can say is that matter exists.
    In gravimotion though the reality of motion, unlike science's relativity of motion, is absolute at the image of the motion of light.

  • Next, unlike physics which is based on a number of various material particles and four particle forces not mentioning space-time, gravimotion is based on a "single" and "simple" phenomenon that of motion.
    In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature everything is "made" of motion, from space-time to matter through electric charges and electromagnetic fields.
    A nice byproduct of this conception of Nature is that it is unified to start with!

  • Another huge departure from conventional physics is that the phenomenon of motion does not even exist in physics!
    As just mentioned only particles and forces do exist in physics!

  • Last but not least Gravimotion is exclusively based on common sense!
    And that is improper, even out rightly wrong for some.
    How could one use common sense to do physics that according to highly respected physicists does not make sense!

The thoughts

The idea behind gravimotion, to start with, was not to compete with physics.
The idea behind gravimotion is not to contradict the science of physics either!
Gravimotion idea is only a byproduct of a search about the nature of Nature.
The facts above that appear aggressive, are in response to those who deny gravimotion.
Face to face with denial, the easiest defense is caricature!
While physicists deny gravimotion though, gravimotion doesn't deny physics.
Gravimotion nevertheless offers a different interpretation of physics' mathematics.

Gravimotion is a clever, innovative interpretation of Nature...

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