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Gravimotion and Physics Differing Targets

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Physics' target

Physics clearly focuses on the inert aspect of matter and forces.
  1. The inert aspect of matter:
    On a large scale, in cosmology, the universe is made of mass or inert matter, intertwined with gravitation, the combination of which is determining the fate of the universe.
    In one scheme there would be enough mass within the universe to stop its present expansion and making the universe collapse on itself, subsequently ending into a big crunch.Note.
    On a small scale physics spends a good chunk of its resources in building accelerators and a collider in order to study the fundamentals of matter through particle physics' experiments, desperately trying to make the Higgs boson appear physically out of its LHC at CERN.
  2. The forces.
    In physics' motion is not recognized as a physical entity.
    Motion has to be nevertheless taken care of, which is done through dubious forces!
On one hand the inert aspect of matter and forces on the other are clearly the focus points in physics.

Gravimotion's target

By contrast gravimotion focuses on the consistency of Nature.
In the gravimotion's universe there is no inert matter, everything is evolving and does it in a consistent way.
As an example gravimotion's version of inertia is integrated back into motion.
And in the gravimotion world space time is not but happens under the form of motion.
We are actually living in motion and not in time!

Physics and gravimotion fundamental discrepancy

Physics' mass is "designed" independently of time.
By contrast everything is dynamic in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature.
Even the "instant you and I are living now" is not an instant in time and in space but a dynamic yet finite duration in motion renewing itself in motion indefinitely.
And there is an awfull lot more to gravimotion...

Note :
As for the incongruous duality of light, there are side by side 2 incompatible scenarios in physics concerning the fate of the universe.
In that new scenario, in which mass and gravity are no longer in control but entropy is, the universe is doomed to end in thermal equilibrium instead!
Physics' entropy law mandates that the universe ends up as a soup in which everything will be dull.
FYI this 2nd thermodynamic law, so called entropy law, is a fundamental pillar of physics.
Yet it is a manmade law, and is considered in gravimotion to be afflicted with a fundamental flaw!
While designing it Boltzmann somehow forgot all about gravity.
Needless to say that the claim that the entropy law is flawed is not part of physics science!
While it remains a fundamental law of science, entropy is simply disregarded in gravimotion.
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