A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

Our Mission

WELCOME to Gravimotion's Website!
Gravimotion is an un-conventional intepretation of Nature that is nevertheless based on theoretical physics and experiments; there is nothing like gravimotion!

Please forgive, when awkward, the English of this page. English is not the author's native language.

Gravimotion's mission is to provide an interpretation of Nature that:

  1. makes sense
  2. is comprehensible
  3. is unified

Because theoretical physics:

  1. doesn't make sense
  2. is incomprehensible
  3. is not unified!
  1. Physicists themselves claim that physics does not make sense!

    Theoretical physics lands on irrational grounds.
    And physicists ask us to drop our common sense to accept their theories!
  2. The gravimotion interpretation of nature is crystal clear.

    Gravimotion's interpretation of nature is easy to comprehend.
    As a general rule, gravimotion doesn't refute physics mathematics; gravimotion is only an interpretation that differs from the conventional interpretation of physics mathematics.
    Gravimotion is actually based on experimental physics, just as theoretical (mathematical) physics is.
    Gravimotion though abolishes the inconsistencies that appear within the conventional interpretation of physics theory and experiments.
  3. Gravimotion is a unified interpretation of Nature.

    Based on a single phenomenon, gravimotion is unified to start with.
    Yet physicists are still looking for a Grand Unified Theory.
    The gravimotion mechanism is in harmony with Nature and makes sense!
Interpreting both light and gravity in terms of physical motion is stunning!

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