This page provides new ideas about the constitution of the Universe and its content.

A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

Gravimotion Core Idea

Gravimotion is an unconventional yet pragmatic interpretation of Nature.

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Motion is real.
Gravimotion's representation of motion
Time is in motion
The words: Time is in motion can be interpreted in a number of ways:
  1. The first interpretation is that time is moving; time is in motion while happening or moving along.
  2. The second meaning is that time is in a container called motion; time is in motion just as rhythm is in the sound of music.
  3. Whether time is in or within motion, the fact of the matter is that motion controls time; time is always measured through a motion taken as reference (the clock). Clocks used in day-to-day life as well as in science, always involve some kind of internal motion interpreted as time.
  4. Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature is drastic.
    In view of the above time is only a byproduct of motion, motion is sufficient and time doesn't need to exist.
    Time is an illusion of our minds.
    Only the reality of motion does exist.
Gravitation is motion
Space is motion
Light is pure motion
Motion as a unifying agent
Motion, Einstein and gravimotion
  • Physics interpretation of motion involves space and time.
  • Gravimotion's interpretation of motion does not involve space and time. As such the 2 interpretations are incompatible.
  • While we think motion occurs in space and time, Einstein demonstrated mathematically the facts are totally different. Einstein demonstrated that both space and time are dependent on speed or motion.
    Now it is difficult to imagine that motion occurs in space and time, while space and time depend on motion.

    Placing motion above space and time, as done in gravimotion, solves that problem.
  • Both Einstein's and gravimotion's interpretations of motion, with respect to space and time, make much more sense than the mental concept of motion to which we relentlessly and scrupulously adhere.
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