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Coherence and consistency

WELCOME to Gravimotion's Website!
Gravimotion is a logical (not philosophical) alternative interpretation of physics mathematics.
Gravimotion replaces the interpretation usually made of physics mathematics.
Most often gravimotion is in accord with physics mathematics.
For sure, gravimotion contradicts physics mathematics when physics mathematics contradict physics mathematics.
Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!

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The coherence of thinking

Coherence is a pattern that permeates our human minds. Coherence is associated to logic and mathematics and also philosophy. There is even coherence in our human religions. There is also coherence in our own personal way of living.
Because our mind that is consciousness, thoughts, memory even imagination, originates in the brain, which is made of matter and physical processes (neurons, synapses, electrical and chemical signals), the coherence permeating our mind is no doubt of physical constitution and as such integral part of Nature.

Coherence and consistency

Coherence, which is logic differs a bit from consistency which is uniform in the sense of conforming to a specific model or principle.
Yet the words coherent and consistent have so many common grounds that they could be used indiscriminately.
In this web-page though, we restrict the use of coherence as being a quality of the human mind; on the other hand consistency (in this web page) is exclusively used as a quality of the universe or of the laws of physics.

Even though this segregation fits and seems appropriate, we recognize that it is somewhat artificial.
The distinction between coherence and consistency in this web page is used for the sake of clarity.

The consistency of reality

Consistency is a quality that permeates Nature.
And a mirror image of Nature's very physical consistency is the coherence found in our minds.
The consistency of nature transcends our human coherence though, and not the other way around!
Our human coherence can only discover about the consistency of Nature. Our thinking coherence doesn't decide how the world is made!

Now let us exit our thinking process.
Let us feel (that is perceive as a physical sensation) the consistency of Nature.
The consistency of Nature "occurs" in the physical yet dynamic beating of our hearts, the physical process of our thinking (as described in the above section), the unending renewal of human generations.
Beyond our own body, the consistency of reality "occurs" in the repetition of days and nights (the physical spinning motion of Earth) the repetition of the seasons (Earth's cyclic motion around the Sun). And beyond yet our solar system, consistency "occurs" as cosmic events that we witness.
At the other end of the physical spectrum that is at the atomic scale, consistency also"prevails".
Atoms forming matter including our own body do not disintegrate and when they do they do for a reason.
Most importantly in view of the internal dynamism of the atom, the integrity of an atom (and of matter for that matter!) "occurs" consistently rather than "exists" as inert matter (inertia) as considered in physics.
The consistency of Nature is not a human concept nor a human thought.
Nature's consistency, whatever its nature, occurs independently of human thinking coherence.

Human thinking and reality

In this website, which is about gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the distinction made between the coherence of our thinking and the consistency of nature is of the essence.

The reason is that I have been seriously asked more than once the question: "But what is reality?"
The person asking being obviously convinced that reality doesn’t exist, because at the sub-atomic scale, physics' quantum mechanics concludes Nature is not foreseeable, is inconsistent and cannot exist.
Such a person consciously decides that human thinking coherence only is true and that it prevails over the consistency of nature.
Is that not shortsighted though?
According to that reasoning our human coherent thinking only would exist!
Besides, our human mental coherence being a byproduct of Nature consistency, how could it deny Nature consistency?

Obviously some people based on the coherence of their thinking, and on their own confidence, nevertheless question the consistency of Nature!
In this page and in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, in spite of physics' conclusions, the consistency of Nature instead prevails over our human thinking coherence.
Human thinking can only imagine reality, just as a portrait represents a person.

And as a portrait is not "the person" it represents, likewise any theory is not "the reality" it describes.
I made an astonishing discovery about (click) "relativity" / "reality", which illustrates best this latest observation.

We then must humbly recognize that our minds' coherence and logic do not necessarily match the consistency of reality.
And that also entails that reality does "occur" and that we cannot conclude it is an "illusion of our minds" simply because we cannot make sense of it.

As such gravimotion's mission or goal differs greatly from that of physics...
In gravimotion the physical is identified to the happening, which occurs under the form of motion, and not to physics' intractable concepts that are inert mass, space, time and force.
Interpreting both light and gravity in terms of physical motion is stunning! Discover gravimotion... click:

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