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Physics seven basic quantities

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A well known conventional interpretation of physics mathematics is widely accepted.
Gravimotion is a non conventional interpretation of the same mathematics.
Neither tradition nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!

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The international system of units
Or Physics seven (7) Basic quantities

The 'INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF UNITS', abbreviated SI, defines the seven quantities listed in the left box below and the specific methods to build up a physical standard for each, called the unit, against which any other quantity of the same type can be compared.

Fundamental Quantities

  1. Length (meter)
  2. Mass (kilogram)
  3. Time (second)
  4. Electric current (ampere)
  5. Thermodynamic temperature (kelvin)
  6. Amount of substance (mole)
  7. Luminous intensity (candela)
These quantities are considered to be the building blocks of physics.
They are used to express the laws of physics.

Derived Quantities

Many other quantities can be derived out of the combination of the basic quantities.
For instance a speed is the ratio of a length by a time.
Acceleration is the ratio of a speed by a time.
And a force is the multiplication of acceleration by mass.
Because physics expresses everything in the Universe in terms of these basic quantities, one concludes for oneself that in physics there are no other basic quantities than those of this SI unit system.

Physics incoherencies

Surprisingly, even though there can be no other basic quantities in the real world, other major systems of units have been established in the world of physics' mathematics, (that is in our human minds) with conversion factors to the SI units.
Think about it!
How could the universe be based on the SI set of quantities and on other differing basic quantities altogether?

Also, in quantum mechanics, besides space and time, only particles (quarks, electrons, etc...) and four forces exist!

Is Force a Fundamental or a Derived Quantity?

How is this quantum mechanics' fundamental concept of force (a pillar of the theory) getting along with the SI quantities, in which it doesn't even appear?
As shown above, in the BOX: "Derived Quantities" a force is only a mental byproduct of a series of other mental concepts that of speed and acceleration all mathematically derived from length, time and mass.

Is force a fundamental constituent of the universe as asserted in the quantum theory, or is force a derived quantity of length, time and mass?

Should the concept of force be backed by a real entity as suggested by the quantum theory, the concepts of time, length and mass would then have no physical collateral and only be ideas within our human minds.

Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature

Solutions to physics dilemmas are bound to appear though.
Whether it is the solution or not, gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the object of this web site, has the merit to confront head-on many of physics dilemmas and to propose in all cases simple logical solutions; amazingly it does it without compromising physics' mathematics.
While departing greatly from conventional thinking, gravimotion image of reality is often inspired-by yet always in compliance-with Einstein's theories.

In gravimotion interpretation of Nature, physics very mathematics are used to show that all events in Nature are motion activities; motion being given a new dimension or new definition; rather than being passive (depending on force) motion has thrust in gravimotion; and even things that appear static to our human senses are configured out of motion.
It makes of gravimotion a unified interpretation of Nature from start to end, a quality which departs definitely from conventional thinking.

Here it is in a nut shell:
Einstein's time dilation discovery makes clear (mathematically and experimentally) that time is a function of motion (called relative speed in science); because it controls time, motion is considered to be a physical entity in gravimotion; and in that stride motion takes precedence over time; time becomes but a mental concept derived out of motion reality; time ends up having no physical collateral whatsoever, and is ignored in gravimotion.
Then Einsteinís space-time unifies space and time; because space makes one with time, which is now motion, the fabric of space-time is motion in gravimotion; it is given the name pure activity; while embodying space-time, pure activity is a cousin of the quantum vacuum; pure activity embodies both science's space-time and quantum vacuum, which is a big step toward unification.
Next, let's consider the gravitation phenomenon as being free fall; the fabric of gravitation is motion and is called radial activity in gravimotion; radial activity is a specific yet very simple local occurrence of pure activity; most importantly radial activity incorporates our human concept of force (force of gravity in this case). Just as space-time curvature is an alteration of space-time in the relativity theory, radial activity is an alteration of pure activity in gravimotion; gravimotion and relativity fit like hand in glove.
Then consider light that translates itself while having no mass, light is pure motion; light is another very simple configuration of pure activity; light's pure motion again incorporates our human concept of force (in this case electromagnetic force); in all cases the reality of motion, as envisioned in gravimotion, belittles our elusive concept of force.
The fact that both gravitation and light occur as motion and that they are specific occurrences of pure-activity, contributes spectacularly to gravimotion's unification scheme.
By contrast electromagnetic fields (to which belongs light) and gravitation (space-time curvature) remain stubbornly incompatible within conventional thinking.
We can also mention physics' teaching that heat and pressure are enforced as motion (of molecules) in the real world.
In addition, because particles matter pop out and disolve back into pure-activity (into quantum vacuum), the very core of particles matter occurs as motion (radial activity turned into gravimotion), and you get an idea of that unified aspect of reality as viewed from gravimotion's concept of motion.
Finally the electrical characteristic of a subatomic particle is by design integral part of the particle radial activity or gravimotion.

For a full treatise on gravimotion click: A glance at the infinite present.

The fact of the matter is that relativity is based on motion observation not on the reality of motion; observation of reality being as real as reality, relativity is not threatened.
Unfortunately the preponderance given to observation (of motion) in conventional thinking ended discrediting motion reality; motion became an abstract mental concept in the interpretation of science's mathematics.

Conventional and gravimotion interpretations of Nature

In conventional thinking, either motion is elusive (relativity theory), or motion is, for all purposes, ignored (quantum theory).
All in all forces and fields are the real things, motion is reduced to a mental abstraction.

By contrast motion is a real entity in gravimotion.
Then all that is considered real in conventional thinking is not in gravimotion. In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, physics seven basic quantities above, as well as all of quantum physics forces and particles are but mental by-products of motion's reality.

The goal of gravimotion is not to challenge physics mathematical theories.
Gravimotion's ultimate goal instead is to unveil the physical consistency behind physics' empirical equations and experiments,
the consistency of which is frankly missed by the scientists who translate, into language for all, their mathematical equations...

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