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Physics seven basic quantities

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The international system of units
Or Physics seven (7) Basic quantities

The 'INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF UNITS', abbreviated SI, defines the seven quantities listed in the left box below and the specific methods to build up a physical standard for each, called the unit, against which any other quantity of the same type can be compared.

Fundamental Quantities

  1. Length (meter)
  2. Mass (kilogram)
  3. Time (second)
  4. Electric current (ampere)
  5. Thermodynamic temperature (kelvin)
  6. Amount of substance (mole)
  7. Luminous intensity (candela)
These quantities are considered to be the building blocks of physics.
They are used to express the laws of physics.

Derived Quantities

Many other quantities can be derived out of the combination of the basic quantities.
For instance a speed is the ratio of a length by a time.
Acceleration is the ratio of a speed by a time.
And a force is the multiplication of acceleration by mass.
Because physics expresses everything in the Universe in terms of these basic quantities, one concludes for oneself that in physics there are no other basic quantities than those of this SI unit system.

Physics incoherencies

Surprisingly, even though there can be no other basic quantities in the real world, other major systems of units have been established in the world of physics' mathematics, (that is in our human minds) with conversion factors to the SI units.
Think about it!
How could the universe be based on the SI set of quantities and on other differing basic quantities altogether?

Also, in quantum mechanics, besides space and time, only particles (quarks, electrons, etc...) and four forces exist!

Is Force a Fundamental or a Derived Quantity?

How is this quantum mechanics' fundamental concept of force (a pillar of the theory) getting along with the SI quantities, in which it doesn't even appear?
As shown above, in the BOX: "Derived Quantities" a force is only a mental byproduct of a series of other mental concepts that of speed and acceleration all mathematically derived from length, time and mass.

Is force a fundamental constituent of the universe as asserted in the quantum theory, or is force a derived quantity of length, time and mass?

Should the concept of force be backed by a real entity as suggested by the quantum theory, the concepts of time, length and mass would then have no physical collateral and only be ideas within our human minds.

Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature

Solutions to physics dilemmas are bound to appear though.
Whether it is the solution or not, gravimotion's interpretation of Nature has the merit to confront head-on many of physics dilemmas and to propose in all cases simple logical solutions.
While departing greatly from conventional thinking, gravimotion image of reality is nevertheless in accordance with physics mathematics.

The goal of gravimotion is not to challenge physics mathematical theories.
Gravimotion's ultimate goal instead is to unveil the physical consistency behind physics' equations and experiments...

Gravimotion's main accomplishment: Click: A unified interpretation of the Universe

And here is a spectacular interpretation of entanglement, which while respecting Quantum Mechanics statistics,
is in agreement with Einstein's (that is EPR's) mathematics:
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