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A few of Gravimotion's Predictions

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Gravimotion is a logical, yet not philosophical, interpretation of Nature.
Neither physics nor fiction... there is nothing like gravimotion!

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Gravimotion's predictions concerning matter

  1. A prediction within gravimotion's interpretation of Nature is that our body weight varies along the day.
    The variation is due to the fact that our body’s part of gravimotion consequential to earth’s spin gets reversed in direction twice a day with respect to that other part of our body’s gravimotion and consequential to our motion around the sun.

    Even though inconsequential this prediction reveals the essence of gravimotion with respect to physics.

    • In gravimotion, motion is the sole constituent of the universe.
      First the word motion is redefined or given a new definition.
      Motion is considered to be real and self-sufficient; motion does occur, yet it does so from within itself, and not through a force external or foreign to motion; then everything is made of motion in gravimotion, including mass as follows.
      • Newton's first law, so called inertia law, states that a body in uniform motion remains in uniform motion unless a force is applied to it. And inertia allegedly is maintaining uniform motion.
      • Yet the concept of inertia, identified to inert mass in physics, is not even a physical entity in physics. Inertia cannot be measured physically for instance.
      • Because inertia is the cause of uniform motion in physics, and because inertia is fictitious, uniform motion is compelled to be the cause of itself in the real world! And one way to enter the world of gravimotion is to recognize that motion is self-sufficient!
      • Now inertia, the cause of uniform motion, becomes uniform motion, the cause of itself. And physics elusive concept of inertia is redesigned in terms of physical motion in gravimotion.
        Finally because mass and inertia make one in physics, mass and inertia find themselves both redesigned in terms of motion in gravimotion.
        Actually mass is considered to be fictitious too in gravimotion.
        In gravimotion the sub-atomic particles, which constitute matter, are balls of concentrated motions or activity which encompass both electric charge and gravitation.
        The concentration of that activity embodies the electric charge the radial direction embodies gravitation, respectively generating surrounding electric fields and gravitation.
        All in all the ball of concentrated activity at the center of the subatomic particle, as well as gravitation and electrical surrounding fields are all expressed in terms of motion in gravimotion.
      • In the end, mass occurs as motion in gravimotion, and fluctuates along earth's daily own variation in motion.
      • FYI space and time are considered to be elusive in gravimotion, and are metamorphosed into self-sufficient chaotic motion called pure-activity in gravimotion. Physics' force of gravity and light (electromagnetic waves) are very simple occurrences (formats) of pure-activity.

    • In physics by contrast, besides space and time, there is mass and there are forces.
      Motion is elusive in physics

      Because inertia is the cause of uniform motion, and force is the cause of acceleration, motion is not self-sufficient in physics as it is in gravimotion.
      Forces and mass are in force in physics, motion is merely an elusive byproduct of force in physics.
      While space, time, mass and force are considered to be physical in physics, motion is clearly not considered to be a real entity in physics.

  2. Another prediction inherent to gravimotion's interpretation of Nature and concerning matter is that the Higgs boson will never be found, because matter is made of motion and not of mass as conceived in physics.
    Evidently there is the possibility that a substitute to mass might be discovered and measured very accurately, just as we measure time that has never been proven to exist!
  3. And a prediction of gravimotion about "live body of matter" (plants and animals) is that life is a specific, and un-deciphered by man, occurrence of motion. Maxwell deciphered the chaotic motion of molecules coinciding to our concept of temperature. No scientist yet unveiled the motion format, through which according to gravimotion, is occurring the phenomenon of life.

Gravimotion predictions concerning the universe

  1. In gravimotion's interpretation the Universe has no beginning and no end.
    From the point of view of gravimotion, the reality of motion necessitates the abolishment of the concept of position.
    With no position in space and no instant in time, the concepts of beginning and end vanish!
    The stance taken in gravimotion, which is that positions in space and time instants have no physical collateral, is also implicit in the quantum theory; and that is another mystery (in physics) as the concept of position (and reference system) in space and the concept of time instant are nevertheless at the base of relativity theory and mathematics.
    Gravimotion simplicity (everything occurs as motion) highlights physics conflicting stances.
    Gravimotion affects radically one's thinking about reality!
    Physics' big bang that occurred at a specific time cannot have happened in gravimotion.
  2. The observed red shift from far away galaxies doesn't mandate an expansion of the universe.
    The Doppler effect works both ways, the universe could as well implode on itself, the observations would be the same.
    First and up until July 2009 the universe was thought to implode in gravimotion; simply because the accelerated motion of an imploding universe matches gravitation's (integral part of the universe) own accelerated motion.
    But on July 12 2009 this writer thought of a much more elegant interpretation of the observed red shift, and that is a gravitation induced frequency shift.
    For more on the subject, click Red shift and the universe expansion...
    All in all in gravimotion the universe, while made of motion, is not expanding!
    In gravimotion the universe is renewing itself in motion rather than expanding.
    The universe is no longer interpreted as (inert) space expanding (under the influence of something).
    The universe is a finite entity, none else than the finite present, yet indefinitely renewing itself in motion.

Gravimotion's predictions regarding time.

This paragraph has been added April 29 2011, the day the author thought about latitude time dilation.
Einstein discovered and predicted both kinetic time dilation and gravity time dilation.
Physically the phenomenon coincides to the slowing of time with added motion, and the acceleration of time in altitude.
On the other hand there is no mention (that could be found) of latitude time dilation.
While presenting Einstein's ideas in the site "does-time-exist.info" the following occurred to the mind of the author:
  1. Latitude time dilation
    In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the internal motion mechanism and display of a clock will run slower at the equator than at either pole.
    This is because the internal motion mechanism of a clock, in gravimotion, is physically dependent on the clock's overall motion. And because the rotational motion of earth is much more intense at the equator than it is at any of its 2 poles, a clock will be physically running slower at the equator.
    Evidently, measures would have to take in account the flattening of earth, which acts as gravitational time dilation.
    Using traditional thinking (that is science of physics), this paragraph would be stated as follows: time runs faster at the poles than it does at the equator.
    As far as the author knows, nobody yet talked about (or discovered) latitude time dilation.
  2. Daily time dilation
    For the same reason our body weight varies along the day, the time given by a clock varies along the day.
    A clock at the equator has opposite directions at 6am and 6pm. In between these 2 specific times the whole motion of the clock either increases or decreases due to the compounding of earth's spin and earth's revolution around the sun.
    The motion of a clock at the equator is about .5km/sec, yet that is negligible with respect to earth's overall motion that includes the circling around the sun, but also the motion of the sun in the galaxy and more. As such the measurement of day time dilation might not be easy.

Determinism versus quantum indetermination

In gravimotion all fields are special formats of space's chaotic motion, including the magnetic field.
In gravimotion the atom is equivalent to 2 interlocked magnetic fields
This is sufficient to show that entangled electrons obey individual behaviors just as they obey quantum mechanics statistical rules.
Click: In this page EPR is substantiated

Repulsive gravitation

Another prediction of gravimotion is the existence of repulsive gravitation in Nature.
Repulsive gravitation in gravimotion has nothing to do with physics negative gravitation that would tentatively explain the acceleration of the (alleged) expansion of the universe.
The repulsive gravitation in gravimotion is consequential to the structure of the electron.
Whereas a proton produces an attractive gravitation an electron produces a repulsive gravitation.
This repulsive gravitation is not felt as its effect is in the ratio of physics’ masses of the two particles.

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