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Does time exist?

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No! Time does not exist!

The answer to the question: Does time exist? Is no: time does not exist!

The best way to show time doesn't exist and is an illusion of our minds is to come up with an interpretation of Nature that doesn't include time.
Einstein set us on that track with his concept of "space-time", which replaces and as such abolishes both space and time!

Gravimotion's interpretation of Nature starts where Einstein left us.
In that new interpretation time does not exist, and the word time is simply banished.
Einstein's elusive space-time is replaced by physical motion! Motion becomes the building block of the universe.
Now we are living in motion and not in time.

I wrote 3 books that tackle the question of time in that spirit; the titles are "Gravimotion" in 2002, "Does Time Exist?" (hence the title of this page) in 2003, "The Harmony of Reality, in no Time..." in 2008.
Unfortunately when I wrote the first one, I knew little about physics, I thought my ideas were fitting science; and the book actually distorts grossly science. Then I learned about physics, and by my 2nd book, I was trying to merge my ideas with physics, but to no avail. Finally I learned much more about physics and I realized my ideas, while not in denial of physics mathematics, were incompatible with the conventional interpretation of physics mathematics, and that shows in my 3rd book!
That suggests that while physics theoretical mathematics are true, the worded interpretation of it is not; and that fits the facts that physics mathematics are validated by physical experiments while the worded interpretation of it does not make sense!
In any case all of this work had no consequence as none of the books sold in quantity!

On the other hand as soon as 2000 I started to publish my work on the internet. And the reception there has been altogether much warmer and at same time more conflicting; warmer as judged by the number of "anonymous" hits on my web sites; yet my ideas have been systematically rejected by all scientific official organizations whenever I attempted to submit papers, articles or to contribute in any other type of activity.

In the end, the only subject of interest here is: Does time exist in reality?
Click here for a concise yet thorough analysis on the subject of time.

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