A blue sky, with the word gravimotion, to replace space-time curvature

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Please forgive, when awkward, the English of this page. English is not my native language.

Short Author Bio

Born in France in 1936, the first recollections I have of my youngest age are facts of war but also the awesome feeling created by the liberation of my little village Brunoy near Paris by the American GIs in 1944.
On that day I specifically remember my mother looking through the window shutters to make sure the noise she was hearing were made by American tanks and not German.
Finally she pushed those shutters wide open, the first in a longtime!
And suddenly French flags were popping all over!

In spite of the lingering effects of the war in France, I was fortunate enough to belong to a family that allowed me to pursue my education.
I obtained my engineering degrees in Paris France, got married and worked a few years for an electronic company.

In the mid 1960's, then aged 30 years old, I moved to California with my family, to work as a microcircuits manufacturing engineer. Being among the firsts, who worked in this area now labeled Silicon Valley, I was rightly so a pioneer in my specialty. I have been awarded a patent in my field.

When I arrived from France with my wife Astrid, we had three children. We were gifted with a fourth American child born at Stanford University Hospital (California).

In the late 1970's I decided to break free and go in business for myself.
In spite of the risks, and I have been told I would fail, I decided to realize my own American dream.
I purchased a small swimming pool retail business, which main activity at the time was to sell chemicals for pools.
In a short few years, I created ten jobs, the business was booming through solar heaters installations, pool systems repairs and pool services.

In the early 1980's in view of the rapid growth of my business, and the advent of personal computers, I developed the software needed to run my company. And that provided me a definite advantage over my competitors.
Starting with "basic" I ended up with "C" and "C++" in the 90s, having written programs ranging from employees scheduling to inventory management, merchandises sales and employees payroll.
I even ended selling my program to a few of my business peers.
By the time I retired, in 1997, I had then developed a full-fledged database that I tried (unsuccessfully) to sell under the name of Datacascade.

In retirement I turned to the subject that fascinated me all of my life, that is the reality of "reality"!
Having plenty of time, I went back to school; I spent a number of years studying physics and thinking about time, space, matter and life.
I ended unsatisfied and not believing the interpretation in words of physics mathematics made by physicists themselves!
Using my intuition and imagination a lot I finally came up with my own interpretation of Nature! And that interpretation of Nature of mine departs definitely from the conventional interpretation made of physics mathematics.
Neither a professional physicist nor a writer though, I do not expect anything in return for my ideas.

I think that motion is physical, and that differs from physics' concept of relative motion. And while the concepts of physical motion and relative motion appear contradictory, the concept of physical motion does not contradict the relativity theory!
Behind the relativity theory is a physical phenomenon, ignored or at least not mentioned in physics' science, which nevertheless justifies the theory.
The relativity of motion, as described in words by scientists, is a characteristic of our human observation of motion and not of motion per se; and because our observation of motion is as real as the reality of motion the relativity theory remains as true as the fact that motion is physical!
I furthermore claim that physical motion is the building block of the universe.

I named gravimotion that interpretation of Nature. The gravitation field is static in physics. In gravimotion nothing is static, hence the word gravimotion, everything is dynamic instead, and inertia is not considered to be physical.
I consider myself though as simply another interpreter of Nature just as painters, writers, sculptors even physicists are!
While physics mathematics play a major role in gravimotion's interpretation of Nature, the latter differs greatly from the conventional interpretation of these mathematics.

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